What I Wore to Stay Warm at European Christmas Markets

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I tend to get cold really easily so I wanted to make sure I stayed plenty comfortable while visiting European Christmas markets in December. We were planning on a route that included Basel, Switzerland; Colmar & Strasbourg, France; and Baden-Baden, Germany. It was supposed to be in the high 20s/low 30s Fahrenheit for the high temperatures each day, so definitely chilly! But I also wanted to be comfy and not feel like a sausage stuffed into my coat.

Here’s what I wore to stay cozy, and other than standing still for a few stretches, I felt great. Comfy and not hot, but not cold, either. I hope it helps you if you’re trying to figure out how to stay warm at Christmas markets, too!

Thin Merino/Silk V-Neck Base Layer

I love this thin merino/silk v-neck because it fits easily under other things. I wear it all the time at home under v-neck sweaters. I especially love it because it’s perfect for breastfeeding – the neckline is low enough to stretch down so I don’t need to lift from the bottom. Easier and keeps me warmer when nursing!

Warm Wool Base Layers (Top and Bottom)

I LOVE these Smartwool base layers and wear them all the time. They’re super cozy and soft and also stretchy, so they move comfortably underneath other clothing. I’ve had other wool base layers that are not stretchy and they get really uncomfortable under clothes, so these are great. Here’s the top and bottom I have. (Also available HERE.)

Flannel Button-Down (Similar)

I’ve had this flannel for years and it’s really warm and soft, and fits great over base layers. Mine is almost a decade old, but this one is very similar.

Green Jumper with Gold Buttons

This is a new sweater for me this year and it’s my new favorite. I not only love the color and the button detail, but it’s also super warm and soft.

Skinny Jeans

Say what you will about skinny jeans for fashion, but they tend to keep me warmer than wide ones when it’s cold since they stay closer to my body. Straight cuts are also great for fitting base layers under.

Wool Socks

These are my favorite wool socks that keep my feet warm and dry. The first day, my feet were a bit cold after a while outside, so I layered them with a second pair the second day, which I also love. (I often get them at a discount HERE.)

Warm Waterproof Parka

I LOVE this parka – it’s so warm, long enough to cover my full thighs, and is waterproof. It snowed the first day, so the waterproof factor was important so I didn’t get damp (and cold!).

Leather Chelsea Boots

I got these boots this fall after moving to London and I wear them 95% of the time at home. They’re super comfortable, sturdy in wet conditions, and while I don’t think they’re completely waterproof, they’ve served me perfectly in any rain or snow or mud I’ve encountered (which has been quite a bit) and my feet have stayed bone dry.

Warm Shoe Inserts

I stuck these inserts in my shoes and they’re super comfy and keep my feet extra toasty in the cold.

Insulated Gloves

I love these gloves! Super warm and cover my wrists. The Gore-Tex is great for waterproofing.


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