5 Favorite Things February 2024

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I used to love sharing some things that were enjoyable, fun, or helpful over the month and thought it would be nice to get back to that. Here are some things I’ve been loving this month!

Here are other Favorite Things I’ve shared!

Everlane Way High Jeans

I recently cleared out a number of pairs of pants that no longer fit either my shape or my style well and needed to replace some jeans. I hadn’t tried Everlane denim before, but had heard good things and they’re available for shipping here in the UK. I got this pair of way high jeans in the color Distressed and have been wearing them nonstop – they’re comfortable, cute, and the perfect balance between a straight and wider leg without feeling overwhelming. They also look cute with my favorite Chelsea boots and will also be great with sneakers or sandals in warmer weather.

Chunky Huggie Earrings

I’ve mentioned how much I love Hey June earrings before – they’re wildly lightweight and comfortable and I’ve basically only worn them since getting my first pair about 6 months ago. My 2 girls with pierced ears also love them more than any other earrings, and they’re my favorites for travel since I don’t feel them even when sleeping, so I can leave them in, shower with them, etc. and am less likely to leave them in a hotel!

I recently got these Here for the Drama huggies and am obsessed. They’re just big enough to be fun and add some personality, but are still crazy lightweight and perfect for sensitive ears.

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Small Gold Claw Clips

I’ve been wearing one of these gold claw clips in my hair pretty much every day for about 4 months. They’re the perfect size to pull back part of my hair and are simple and low-key (plus inexpensive!) but still pretty. I just got a couple more so I can keep them in different parts of the house, haha.

Candle Warmer

After moving from a place that was barely chilly enough for a sweater to London, which is not only cold in winter but also rather gray and dreary, I was determined to embrace some hygge behaviors for the darker months. This candle warmer has been perfect! I turn it on for many hours everyday, and not only does it help our home smell amazing and feel cozy, but it also helps my candles last WAY longer.

This is my current favorite candle – it smells absolutely incredible, but is pricey. It would normally last me maaaybe a month of burning it a couple hours a day, but with the candle warmer, I’ve had it on for at least half the day for most days for about 3 months and still have about half the candle left. Saves so much money and I love that it’s safer to leave the house, too.

Mini White Noise Machine

This mini white noise machine is my absolute favorite – it’s SO tiny and takes up almost no space. We originally bought one for travel, but we’ve ended up using it all the time at home in the baby’s room since it can tuck behind the rocking chair easily. We just bought a second one for our room, and will love having them both with us when we’re traveling for different rooms.

Anything you’ve been loving lately? I’d love to hear!


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