Family Hikes in Glacier National Park: Best Glacier Trails With Kids

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There are so many fantastic hikes in Glacier National Park that it’s hard to choose the best hikes in Glacier! This list compiles some of the best family hikes in Glacier to give you a taste of various landscapes so you can enjoy the best of Glacier Tree National Park with kids (or without!). We hope you enjoy these Glacier hiking trails for families!

And if you’re looking for more info on visiting Glacier National Park with kids, here’s my ultimate guide to Glacier filled with all the best things to do in Glacier with kids!

Tips for Hiking Glacier Trails

Here are some tips before heading out on Joshua Tree National Park hikes:

  • Pack plenty of water for Glacier trails, especially in the summertime. We love this water bottle and this water bottle for adults. This hydration backpack for kids is a favorite, or this one for older kids with space for a reservoir is very beloved in our family. (First one also available HERE) My older kids LOVE this water bottle. This and this are our favorite water bottles for toddlers.
  • Hats are strongly recommended for this park any time of year. This is my favorite hiking hat and my favorite hat for babies.
  • We like to have sturdy hiking shoes when hiking in Glacier National Park. I like these hiking boots for women and men, and these hiking sandals for women and men. My kids love either hiking sandals or these hiking boots, depending on the type of hike.
  • Pack lots of sunscreen for Glacier National Park hiking during any season! I love this kind for kids – it’s mineral-based, provides great protection, great for sensitive skin, and rubs in easily. This is my favorite facial sunscreen for myself (use code LPF15 for 15% off).
  • Take advantage of early mornings. Mornings are the best in Glacier because they tend to be much less crowded and you can more easily find parking.
  • Purchase a National Parks annual pass in advance. The Glacier National Park entrance fee is $35, and the annual pass is $80. If you’ll be visiting some other parks during the year, it might be worthwhile to purchase the pass. And here is info on how to get a free annual pass if you have a 4th grade child! Additionally, depending on the time of year you visit, you may need a vehicle reservation! See this post about Glacier reservations.
  • Leave the area better than you found it. Be sure to follow good conservation practices while on hikes in Glacier National Park. This includes packing out ALL food and trash (including peels and anything biodegradable), never feeding wildlife, keeping a safe distance from wildlife, staying on marked trails, etc. Look for more info in the park booklets and signs! The Junior Ranger booklets are also filled with great information on protecting and preserving the parks.

10 Family Hikes in Glacier National Park: Top 10 Hikes in Glacier

Glacier has more than 700 miles of hiking trails, so it’s difficult to narrow down the top 10 hikes in Glacier National Park. But, here are some of our favorite hikes in Glacier National Park, including and especially some of our favorite Glacier National Park kids hikes. All distances are round trip.

Avalanche Lake (Highly Recommended)

Distance: 4.6 mi
Elevation gain: 500 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

A beautiful, family-friendly hike through the forest to a lake with cascading waterfalls. This hike is quintessential Glacier National Park.

Johns Lake Loop

Distance: 2.0 mile
Elevation gain: 190 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

An easy, family-friendly hike along McDonald Creek with excellent views of McDonald Falls that you can’t get from the overlook.

Trail of the Cedars (Highly Recommended)

Distance: 1.0 miles
Elevation gain: 49 ft
Accessibility: Wheelchair- and stroller-accessible

One of only two accessible trails in Glacier National Park, this boardwalk loop takes you through dense forest of western hemlock and western red cedars. This is the accessible portion of the Avalanche Lake trail (above). This is perfect to do if you’re visiting Glacier National Park with a toddler! It’s extremely popular, so be sure to add it onto your Glacier National Park family itinerary.

Hidden Lake Overlook (Highly Recommended)

Distance: 2.7 miles
Elevation gain: 551 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

With some of the most incredible views in the entire park, Hidden Lake is a must-hike trail in Glacier National Park. Start this hike as early as possible as it is the most popular in the park (for good reason!). It’s one of our favorite Glacier National Park kid friendly hikes!

Siyeh Pass

Distance: 9.8 miles
Elevation gain: 2,244 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

If you have a more adventurous bunch that are up for a strenuous day-hike, Siyeh Pass would be a great option. This hike climbs through gorgeous meadows and would be a wonderful early summer hike to catch the wildflowers. If you’re taking a family trip to Glacier National Park, it might be better for just the more experienced hikers.

St. Mary & Virginia Falls (Highly Recommended)

Distance: 3.1 miles
Elevation gain: 452 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

If you love waterfalls, this is a must-do hike in Glacier National Park! You’ll hike through Virginal Creek Valley to two impressive waterfalls. You can add in Baring Falls to make this a 5.6 miles hike. Either version is perfect if you’re planning a family trip to Glacier National Park.

Sun Point Nature Trail

Distance: 1.9 miles
Elevation gain: 206 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

A beautiful walk along Saint Mary River, with a stop by Baring Falls. You can walk the shorter 0.1 mile to the overlook if you’re looking for a quick stop, which also makes it great for a Glacier National Park family vacation with a variety of ages and abilities.

Grinnell Lake (Highly Recommended)

Distance: 6.9 miles
Elevation gain: 465 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

An easier and more family-friendly alternative to Grinnell Glacier and perfect if you’re looking for options in Glacier National Park for kids. Hike to a glacial lake fed by Grinnell Glacier. This is one of the most beautiful hikes in all of Glacier National Park. A great trail for photography! If you’re up for a longer, more strenuous day hike, look into Grinnell Glacier.

Iceberg Lake

Distance: 9.6 miles
Elevation gain: 1,459 ft
Accessibility: Not wheelchair- or stroller-accessible

Iceberg Lake sits in the shadow of Mount Wilber, which keeps it cool enough to have icebergs floating in the lake year-round. If you’re into cold plunges, this is definitely one of the more scenic places to do it!

Running Eagle Falls

Distance: 0.7 mile
Elevation gain: 29 ft
Accessibility: Wheelchair- and stroller-accessible

This interpretive trail brings you to a beautiful waterfall that appears to come out of a cavern in the rock face. There is a viewing platform and rock to sit on to enjoy the view.



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