2024 Family Adventure Log

If you’re looking for a fun way to both encourage and document family adventures big and small, near and far this year, pop in your email below and this free printable log will come right to your inbox! The end … Read More

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Our Kids’ 2023 Sibling Gift Exchange

One of our kids’ favorite parts of Christmas morning is their sibling Christmas gift exchange! Since we have a lot of kids, each child gets a present for one other – this makes it so there aren’t a million gifts, … Read More

Best Airport Safety Hacks with Kids

Airports can be stressful with kiddos, especially during busy travel seasons. After flying countless times over 13 years with our 6 kiddos, here are some airport safety hacks we try to do each time we travel! Take A PHOTO Before … Read More

Gift Boxes for Refugee Kids

We have a friend through church who has been working closely with refugee families to care for their needs and wants. This holiday season, she asked for volunteers to put together some boxes with gifts for the children. We thought … Read More

15 Favorite Products in 2023

For the last several years, I’ve loved thinking through some of my favorite products over the year. I love seeing what has stood the test of time and what I’ve used most. I’m a big believer in cost per use … Read More

Most Popular LPF Blog Posts of 2023

It’s always fun to look back to see the most popular blog posts of the year. I love seeing what you all have loved and what has been helpful to you both at home and while traveling! It also helps … Read More