Introducing: Home Buyer’s Best Friend

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When I was pregnant with our 3rd kiddo, Dan and I were looking for a home in the DC area. We’d been living there for about 5 years in a darling, tiny little place, but were definitely outgrowing it with our new baby’s arrival. So we started looking into places.

At the same time, Dan decided to figure out how to become a licensed real estate agent. We’d had some frustrating experiences with a couple realtors, and knew they weren’t always sharing all the information we needed to make the best decisions and get the best price. Plus, it was just a VERY confusing process! We were shocked at just how much went into looking for, purchasing, and moving into a house and really wished we had someone to hold our hands and walk us through each step of the home buying process.

Fast forward a decade and Dan has helped thousands of people in that time. He’s helped friends and family submit offers, save money, negotiated terrific deals, and, more than anything, clarify the whole process of homebuying with extensive education, project plans, and checklists to make sure nothing gets missed. The consistent feedback he gets from every single person is how he made the process really simple, straightforward, and removed a lot of stress.

I’m DELIGHTED to share that Dan has compiled all of this info and his years of knowledge and insight into an absolutely incredible course on How to Buy A Home.

What Is Home Buyer’s Best Friend?

Home Buyer’s Best Friend represents Daniel’s decade of experience with helping thousands of people through the home buying process, tracking what worked (and what didn’t), and consolidating all of that money-saving, stress-reducing knowledge into two easy-to-follow video courses.

The Top 5 Mistakes Homebuyers Make is 5 videos long and absolutely FREE. It’s a top-notch overview to help you launch the homebuying process.

The anchor Home Buying 101 Course is a comprehensive series of 19 videos walking viewers through every step of the home buying process to ensure you are informed, prepared, and confident you haven’t missed anything.

 Home Buyer’s Best Friend – More Than a Guide

There are over 200 steps in the home buying process, but the typical realtor only advises on 8. That lack of clarity is part of why psychologists routinely consider the moving and home buying process to be the 3rd most stressful experience in life (right up there with the death of a loved one or loss of a job). And, of course, it’s an experience that’s exponentially more stressful for those from marginalized communities, who are more often without the knowledge base and familial support to navigate the homebuying (and wealth acquisition) process.

The Home Buying 101 video and audio course and step-by-step guide make it easy for you to skip right past all those stressful surprises and costly mistakes along your own homebuying journey.

Opening Doors, Giving Back

Maybe the very best part of Daniel’s B-corporation (a corporation committed to maximizing social impact instead of solely focusing on profit) is that in addition to helping those choosing to purchase a home, it also redistributes some of that wealth toward helping to put a permanent end to homelessness, since everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

Hear From Those Who’ve Used It!

Admittedly at times, I’ve told Daniel he should just get this course out into the world to start helping more people. But he really wanted to ensure it was as good, as comprehensive, as clear and helpful as it could possibly be. So he held off until he was absolutely certain it covered all that’s needed and had a proven track record of helping tons of real people – engineers, doctors, rocket scientists and even lots of other realtors – confidently buy the right home at a great price. If you’re curious for their take, here are tons of reviews from those who’ve taken the course!

Launch Deal: 50% Off Until January 31

As our way of saying thanks for trusting Daniel and his support, we’re offering an exclusive 50% OFF on the First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide with the code LPF50. Signing up before January 31 also means you’ll get a free consultation with Daniel to walk you through getting started on the home buying process.

Or, just take a dip and learn the Top 5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make – for FREE!

Mostly, we’re so excited to share this with you and to help more people, both through homeownership and through redistributing funds to end homelessness. Thank you for being in our community over the years and feel free to reach out with any questions!



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