Asian Art Museum & Main library

We were all surprised by just how much we loved the Asian Art Museum. While my family is Indian, I tend to prefer science-y and hands-on museums in addition to those with Western religious art. Still, we all found this … Read More

Seward Street Slides

We were excited to check out some long concrete slides in a tiny park not far from Twin Peaks. Sadly, we didn’t check the hours beforehand…because it never occurred to me that they would have hours. Rookie mistake – city … Read More

Cable Car Museum

We loved checking out the (free!) Cable Car Museum a few days after our arrival in SF. It was a great introduction to what is, in my opinion (and certainly that of my children), the most fun form of public … Read More

Bookstores in SF

We stopped into several bookstores during our time in SF.  We lived just a couple of blocks from the infamous City Lights bookstore. City Lights wasn’t the most kid-friendly bookstore in the world (a fairly small children’s section, and, at the … Read More

Two Months in San Francisco

As part of our move to San Francisco, Dan’s company very kindly provided a few months of temporary housing. We decided to spend some of that time in San Francisco. I had only visited SF once before that, when I … Read More