Belated 6 Months

Sweet baby c,
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This month marks your first cold, and the longest communal family illness in the history of earth and perhaps the universe.  We’ve all been fairly miserable, but fortunately, you were the least affected, with only a couple-day-long runny nose to show for it (unlike me; I had a terrible hacking cough and congestion for nearly 2 weeks before getting on antibiotics, which finally started help…a little).  Through it all, you were your sweet, smiley self.  You had one night of actual crying in the middle of the night, which was sufficiently abnormal that we gave you some Advil, which fortunately seemed to help.




You’ve started to really babble a lot this month.  Before, it was just a few sounds at a time, but now, you love to chat away.  Overall, though, you still seem to prefer to observe.  While you’ve certainly developed your love for mouthing everything around (although your favorite is still your paci, which you are now a pro at sticking in your own mouth), you still vastly prefer interacting with and watching people to toys.  You’re sensitive to others’ changes in emotion, and it is immediately reflected in your own.

I’m constantly amazed at not only the sweetness of your personality, but also its constancy.  It made an appearance early in your life and has remained ridiculously cheery.  People ask me all the time, “Does she ever cry?”  And to be honest, not really.  Even when you’re hungry or tired or whatever, you’ll just fuss and chat for a second before getting your needs addressed.  Other than that, you’re perfectly content to observe the people around you and cuddle anyone who will.

Baby girl, I’m grateful for your snuggles, your smiles, and your joy.  You sure know how to light up a room, and our lives.


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  • Such a cute girl! Happy 6 months little Kina!

    And, I recognize one of those dresses!! Glad she can actually wear it 🙂

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