9 Months

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Sweetie c,I feel like a bit of a broken record, but you really are the happiest, sweetest, smiliest little baby there ever was.  This month, though, you’ve started to suddenly seem like a little bit less of a baby and have been coming into your own in terms of personality.

And what a darling little personality it is.  You spend your days just smiling and giggling.  You love being friendly to everyone around and still haven’t developed any stranger anxiety.  You love being held, but during the day, are perfectly content just playing on your own, too.  You think your brother is THE most hilarious person on the planet, and while he still is learning to be gentle with you sometimes (I suspect this may be a lifelong struggle), he truly adores you and gets rather protective of you with others.  You’ve developed a fond affection for peek-a-boo this month and it’s even better when he is the one to play it with you, hiding behind walls and doors and towels.  You also think mirrors are terrifically funny and love touching the reflection of your little hands and face and giggling away.  I love how easy it is to make you laugh and smile, and hope you continue to find joy so easily through your life.

You’re still doing your little scoot, although mostly only backwards, which entertains me to no end.  You’ve started to try to get up on your knees, and oh, you try so hard.  You have also become a total chatterbox.  You can tell you’re just trying SO hard to communicate and just want to make yourself understood.  It is the sweetest.

We got to take a fun little road trip this month to Pittsburgh and you were a travel champ.  Sleeping there was a little tricky the first night as we erroneously chose to not bring your pack n play in favor of just letting you sleep on a blanket on the ground.  But you ended up rolling all over the place and waking yourself up constantly.  The next night, we stuck you in a laundry basket in which you juuust barely fit, and we were all much happier.


Your sleeping, unfortunately, has remained about the same.  You still
wake once at night to eat, almost always between 4 and 5am.  I’ve
thought of night weaning you, but you are just so sad and are up for so
long and so hungry that it’s hard, especially when you eat quickly and
go right back to sleep.  But I’m sort of done with waking up in the
middle of the night.  I just want to have a good long stretch from the
time I go to sleep, not from when you go to sleep, you
know?  You are also just so petite, though (the word practically every
person who sees you uses to describe you physically), that I have a hard
time denying you food when you want it…

Unfortunately for me, you’ve become progressively WORSE at taking a bottle.  A few times, you’ve only taken an ounce or two in between expressed annoyance, and a couple of days ago, you flat out refused any at all.  This does not bode well, lady.  Please figure it out so mommy and daddy can still go on dates, okay?  You have, on the other hand, been loving all kinds of solids – you adore beans and rice and soft veggies and basically whatever is on our plates.

This month has entailed a decent bit of travel and schlepping around for various activities for me, for church, for Nat.  And you’ve been a giant trooper about it all, charming everyone along the way with your sweet disposition.  And it’s a good thing, because more often than not lately, we miss your morning nap, due to it becoming a little later and us needing to get out of the house for everyone’s sanity before lunch and afternoon naps.  Fortunately, you’re ridiculously social and even if you’re hungry and tired, if there are people around and someone is holding you, you’ll be content for a good long while.  You’re a major flirt and I feel the need to already prepare for your teenage years.

Girly, you are theee best baby there ever was.  Every night, as I feed you and sing you a song and you just look up at me, oh, it makes my heart glow.  You have such a light and such love and such a way of brightening everyone around you.  That mirror-like soul of yours reflects goodness and joy to all those around you, and I am so grateful to have you in my life and in my heart, forever.


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