I tend to make a big deal out of things.  I kind of hate that about myself, but I do.  I get antsy and stressed and am a bit of a perfectionist.  The saving grace is that this comes 100% from my dad and I love him all the more for it.
It’s not in spite of this, but because of it, that I find his service so remarkable.  He never makes a big deal out of serving those around him, especially his family.  In fact, he never even mentions it.  A few times over the holidays when we’ve thought about staying at my parents’ house (even though we only live half an hour away) but haven’t totally decided, he’s just changed sheets and left out towels in hopes that we will.  Growing up, whenever people came to visit, he’d give up his bed without a second thought, and if I’ve ever asked him to pick up something at the store or some random find on Craigslist near their home, he does it in a heartbeat without so much as a second thought.
Oh, to serve others so thoughtfully and without so little thought for reward as my father.
And his grandchildren?  Well, let’s just say they’re a little obsessed.  Ob.sess.ed.  If Ajja (what they call him) is around, you bet there’s no hand N would rather be holding.  And that right there just cements his place right smack in my heart.
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It’s funny that the news and whatever else tend to feature women as the ones who serve.  Because while they do, it’s my two fathers who are the best example to me of this virtue.  I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone who is more desirous to serve those around him than my father-in-law.  Growing up, whenever one of the kids mentioned an interest, he would immediately do whatever he could to provide the resources/equipment/time for learning and practice.  Now, he remembers his children’s interests and makes such an effort to get everyone together on Skype each Sunday, which I so appreciate.  And he darn adores those grandchildren of his.  And you know anyone who tells me how lovely and smart and attractive my children are has a place right at the tippy top of my love.


N was a mama’s boy for a loooong time.  Like, would still want me to change his diapers even after Dan got home (this was…not my favorite).  And oh, it was nice, being the uncontested favorite.  You know what’s maybe even better, though?  Seeing how much he just dang adores that dad of his.

Starting around the time baby K was born, and especially in the last month or so, there’s been a little bit of a dad obsession.  As in, he talks about him allllll day long.  He wakes up and reminds me that daddy is at work but will be home soon and then when he does get home, there is much shadowing and giggling and refusing-to-leave-his-side-ing.  They laugh about all kinds of silly things that I just do not even understand.

And N has started flat-out refusing to let me take him to public restrooms if Dan is with us, so I’m nothing short of crushed, of course.  Wink.

And baby K?  Well, she just loves everyone ever, but she gets this special little giggle and sparkle in her eye when dad is around so I sense a daddy’s girl in the making already.

And while I love that he plays with them and tosses them in the air and reads millions of books and is not afraid to look crazy doing silly things to make them laugh, one of the things I admire most about Dan’s parenting is that he finds every way possible to make them happy.  He figures things out and doesn’t worry about constraints – financial or time or whatever else.  He just figures out a way.  He works harder or longer or just does whatever needs to be done to care for this little family of ours.  Because he adores them just as much as they adore him.  He’s constantly telling both of them that they are his best friends.  And boy do I love him for it.

Oh, this family of mine.  They’re gooood.

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