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Oh, Father’s Day weekend, you delightful little thing, you.  And we’ll get to that soon enough.But it’s late and I’m tired from baking and REbaking (after…forgetting to add half the flour to my cookies…) and so I’ll just share this little gem from this morning.We had a long and exhausting and just dang wonderful day yesterday and the kids were especially tired.  I hadn’t heard anything from N’s room yet, and didn’t want to wake him.  His bed shares a wall with the bathroom, and while he doesn’t wake up at night if we shower, he’s a lighter sleeper in the morning and we rarely risk it.  But I REALLY needed a shower and we had to leave for church in half an hour, so I peeked in his room to see if he was awake (he sometimes just stays lying in there for a while with his stuffed animals).I hadn’t yet put in my contacts, nor was I wearing my glasses, and it was darkish in his room.  I stared over at his bed for a solid minute.  I leaned in and was pretty sure his eyes were closed and he was dead asleep.  So I softly closed the door and went and told Dan that N was still passed out, but we agreed that I should just hop in the shower, anyway.

Evidently while I was in the shower, N nonchalantly walked out to Dan and said his good mornings and followed it up with, “Mommy was looking at me in my bed.”

Okay, creeper mom.  We had a good long chuckle over that one.

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  • Hahahha! That was too funny!

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