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Grace has her hilarious and wildly popular “Conversations with Julia” and we’ve had a few nat gems over here lately so I’m blatantly copying.  Mimicking and flattery, or something?


Reading a book with a lion in it:
Nat: “He’s
from California.  Or Target.  Or Trader Joe’s.  Or Home Depot.  Or
Ikea.  Did we get the oatmeal
at Aldi?”
Maybe we should venture out to not-grocery stores?
Kina chatting in her crib at naptime…
Nat: “WHY isn’t kina going to sleep?”
My question, too.
Successful listening…
Preethi: “Is there something in your mouth?”
Nat: “I didn’t eat a bear.”
Preethi: …In which I am a mean mom…
Nat: “I’m eating a trawberry.”
Preethi: “Oh, a trawberry?”
Nat: “No, a TRAWberry!”
Preethi: “A trawberry?”
Nat: “No, a TRAAAAWWWWberry!!”
(Volume escalation until I finally show mercy and say “strawberry.”)
Nat: “We’re going to eat dinner first and THEN go on a helicopter.”After blind mommy squinted into his room contacts-less and concluded that he was fast asleep..
(to Daddy): “Mommy was looking at me in my bed.”
Looking at a sticker of a pencil…
Nat: “Look, a pencil!  Like Pennsylvania!”
Teaching moments…
Preethi: “I need to go to the bathroom.”
Nat: “I’ll hold your hand and take you to the potty so you don’t go pee-pee in your underpants.”
Memorial Day…
Nat: “I’m wearing shorts and we’re eating shortcake.  They match!”
Viewing a snake in a terrarium at the nature center…
Nat: “We can’t go in there.”
Preethi: “You’re right.”
Nat: “Because there’s not a parking lot in there.”

7 Responses

  • He is hysterical, and so smart. I laughed at the potty one pretty hard. 🙂

  • These are SO great! I hope it becomes a regular feature!

  • HA!!! he may have trumped Julia!! No need to give credit …. toddlers say the darndest things!!! 🙂

  • I just remembered that you guys mentioned this post to us last week. SO glad I remembered, because these made me laugh. He is hilarious!

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