Summer Travels: Camping & Roanoke, VA

This weekend, we headed out to Shenandoah National Park for a little camping night, a morning of hiking, and then down to Roanoke, VA.  Camping with the smalls is always an adventure; so fun and lovely and cozy and yet generally so sleepless.  It’s hard getting them down when it’s still so light out, and they’re up with the sun the next morning.  But it’s worth it…I think?  Yes.  I mean, there were s’mores involved.
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 My little hikers



From there, we headed down to Roanoke.  Oh, Roanoke, you pretty little thing, you.  It just epitomized everything about southwestern Virginian charm.  Gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains, cows & tractors, quaint shops, and fun music.  We have some delightful friends who spoiled us with excellent food and even better conversation and it was just the most lovely little 28 hours.

On Friday night, we headed over to Floyd, where this darling little country store has been hosting a Friday night bluegrass jamboree for 80 years.  There’s dancing and candy-eating galore on the main stage, and gorgeous sunsets and cool breezes with the many other little bands that have set up outside.

These two were quite the hit on the dance floor.
And so was he. Oh, this kid.




The evening light was to die for


It is a hard-and-fast rule that any teeny little shop advertising homemade ice cream must be patronized.

Saturday involved park time and THE most charming little diner/soda fountain where they had upwards of 10 different kinds of grilled cheese.  Including jalapeno popper.  And there was coconut soda.  YOU GUYS.  Life=changed.

We finished off the day with a stroll through the pretty little downtown (old brick, swoon) and some MORE ice cream at home.  Hey, thanks for having us, friends & Roanoke!  It was a blast!











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  • that friday night sounds so fun!! your kids are SOOO cute!! and I really need to eat a smore!

  • I'm with you about that hard and fast rule about homemade ice cream. It's just something you need to support. How (or why) could anyone resist?!

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