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It’s been a while since the last one but we had a real zinger today so I figured it was a good time.

From today:
Dan: Let’s all say something we like about each other.
Nat: I want to go first!  I like the way your eyes are pretty, Mommy.
Preethi: That’s so sweet, Natty! What do you like about kina?
N: I like how her eyes are pretty, too.
P: And what do you like about Daddy?
N: I like the way his eyes are ugly.

P: Nat, will you say the prayer for dinner?
N: (singing) Frosty, the snowman…

N: Mommy, I like you.  You’re a good girl.

P: (excited for joy school after Christmas break) Guess where we get to go today?
N: To INDIA????

Saying goodnight…
N: I love you, sweet Mommy.

As a little baby made super quiet little noises in church…
N: (loudly) Why is that baby freaking out??

Handing me a rubber duck:
N: This is a boy ducky.
P: Why is it a boy?
Nat: Because it’s not a girl.

When we had some of our favorites over and I was putting nat to bed.  He heard everyone laughing…
N: When I get big I’ll put kina to sleep and then talk to my friends.  We’ll make lots of jokes.

P: Would you like scrambled eggs or oatmeal for breakfast?
N: Heavenly Father doesn’t have a mustache, but Jesus has a mustache.

When I was pulling down the ladder to the attic, Nat to kina…
N: Watch out, sweetheart!
P: That’s nice, Nat.
N: Yeah, she’s my best friend.

Seeing my knotted tee…
N: Why is your shirt going around and around and around?

P: What did you learn about in Nursery?
N: Fish.
P: Oh.  What else?
N: More fish.

After I said he could watch a letters DVD while I finished cleaning/packing:

Running up to kina after church…
N: It’s my friend!!!

But in the car…
K: (looking quietly out the window)
N: I’m having a really hard time with kina.
K: …

N: I just had a snake toot.
P: …
N:  It said “sssssss” like a snake!

After I told him not to answer the door on his own…
N: This is not your life, this is my life!

About my nail polish…
N: Is there no Target on it?
P: Nope.
N: That’s too bad.

Kina fussing in her booster…
N: Don’t cry, little one!

P: Okay, so we’ll eat lunch and then we’ll go to Costco.
N: NO lunch!!! There are samples there!
(True dat.)

As we drove past a certain 5-sided building:
N: It’s the Hexagon!!!

5 Responses

  • So cute/funny!! Kids are so hilarious. How do you keep track of the funny things he says? Do you write them down right away? I always think "I'll never forget that!" and then when I go to write them at the end of the day they are totally gone.

  • I'm loving the "having a hard time with Kina" comment. SO FUNNY!

  • I read these to ben last night and we were dying! So funny! Thanks for sharing these. My fave is the one about the baby freaking out. Haha!

  • What a great age. Seriously, I love the car one "I'm having a really hard time with Kina" the most.

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