To Grandmother’s House We Ride a Tractor

The kids are going on a sleepover at my parents’ house tonight while Dan and I go on a date.  So we decided to put on real clothes for our first venture out of the house for snoweek.  You are impressed by my sense of adventure, I know.

When trying to get them in position, Nat went and stood in his place and kina started walking over.  Nat tried to cajole her the last few feet by attempting to pick her up.  By her neck.

Nat’s been wanting a pair of overalls for…ever.  So I finally decided to embrace the farmer inside and “kina” gave him these for Christmas.  I convinced him to remove them from his person for about 1/10000000 of a day “for a picture” and then they went right back on.  Also featured are his “sleigh shoes.”

I’m obviously ecstatic that kina has started having fashion opinions, too, and immediately post-picture she tried to insist on wearing ballet flats in the snow.  Like mother unlike daughter.

Happy weekend!

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