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Re-found this clip of Nat from about a year ago and I can’t get over how little and darling he was. Also, I remember thinking how AMAZING and CLEAR his speech was and how i couldnt believe anyone couldnt understand him perfectly. I think we can all agree I was spot on and we’re raising a prodigy. Because prodigies say “tain tation.”

Hey, life is totally not perfect but I feel like we’re at a bit of an equilibrium right now and it’s nice. Nat started preschool a couple of weeks ago and is totally loving it. And I’m loving the extra time to…sit on the couch and read.

(A few days after Nat started I was talking to a lady who commented how hard that transition is and how it ws so sad for her and her kid. And I was all…..yeah, no. Free time! Letter crafts! Yippee on all counts! Installing heartlessness in the next generation, one kid at a time. See also: guilt for not feeling sadness/guilt.)

Kina is at SUCH a fun age right now. Too old to be needlessly cranky, too young for tantrums, thinks everything is hilarious, jabbers books to herself.  We’ll keep her.

I know I’m just asking for a meteor to crash into our house or perhaps the winter to never end, but life. It’s pretty good right now.

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