Indian Clothes for Kids: Where to Buy Online

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With 5 kids of different ages and sizes, it’s often tricky to find Indian clothes for kids. Though we live in an area with several Indian shops, they often don’t have a huge stock and don’t have the sizes, styles, and colors we want. So I recently tried buying some kids Indian outfits online.

In order to avoid appropriation and supporting those profiting off Indian culture, I wanted to avoid any big box places (like Amazon) that are likely not compensating Indian creators. Here were some of the best authentic retailers I found for Indian kids clothing.

Cbazaar Indian Clothes for Kids

Cbazaar is one of the biggest online Indian clothing shops that has a huge variety. If you’re looking for Indian clothes online, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find something here. And while some retailers don’t have smaller sizes, they have tons of Indian clothing for kids. I also appreciated that they had a good mix of more traditional and more modern Indian kids outfits.

I purchased this aqua blue outfit with embroidery and jewels for my boys to wear to my cousin’s wedding. They are absolutely beautiful and incredible quality. I was so pleased with them and they got SO many compliments at the wedding. I also purchased this gorgeous burnt orange one since my boys had outgrown their other kids Indian outfits for Diwali and other celebrations. All of these had a discount when I purchased, so ended up being about $60 USD each.

For my girls, I considered purchasing this lehenga, but it was more than I wanted to pay (even on sale). It also wasn’t quite what I was looking for, so I kept searching. I did, however, purchase this gorgeous embroidered yellow women’s lehenga for myself and loved how it arrived! I had it customized with sleeves and a bit of extra length in the blouse.

Little Muffet Children’s Indian Clothing

While Little Muffet has a pretty slim boys’ section, and without anything appropriate for a nicer occasion, they had tons of girls Indian outfit options!

I love that they have so many beautiful fabrics and colors, and especially that they have a big range of sizes for matching outfits – from babies to older kids. That was very difficult to find (most places have babies and toddlers or just older girls), and I was so happy to have my girls match. They even have some matching outfits for moms, like this pretty one.

I personally purchased this one and this one for my girls. I also love this one. The quality on the ones I got was really beautiful, and my girls wore the yellow one to my cousin’s wedding.

Utsav Fashion Online Indian Clothing

Utsav is another popular site for Indian clothes for kids. Unfortunately, they didn’t have matching outfits for babies and older girls, so it wasn’t a good fit for us, but they have a big selection that may work for others.

Etsy for Kids Indian Clothing

Etsy also has a huge variety of options, many of which can be custom made to your child’s size. I love that many of them are handmade and made closer by, so there’s less environmental impact than shipping from India. There are also more options for South Indian styles than on most of the other websites.

I ordered this beautiful lehenga for my girls for Diwali and it was perfect! It fit well and the elastic waist was comfortable and secure. Loved this set.

Other Kids Indian Clothes

There were a few other retailers I found that had some nice items, although I can’t vouch for their quality or shipping speed.

Have you ever purchased Indian clothing online before? I’d love to hear where you got it!


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  • I appreciate you providing your wonderful list of online stores selling children’s apparel. It’s really beneficial for parents like myself who want to dress their children in lovely, traditional Indian clothing without turning to big-box retailers that may not support Indian designers.

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