One Day Bath Itinerary with Kids

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Located about 100 miles west of London, Bath is a fantastic destination for a London day trip with kids or without. Bath offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and fun activities. This one day Bath itinerary makes for a memorable day in Bath, filled with family-friendly attractions and experiences. Here’s everything I’d recommend for one day in Bath with kids!

Things To Do in Bath With Kids: One Day in Bath

  • Rent a car or train from London
  • Roman Baths
  • Visit the Abbey
  • Lunch at Sally Lunn’s
  • Watch the street performers
  • Pulteney Bridge & Riverside Walk
  • Royal Victoria Park Playground & Royal Crescent
  • (Optional with extra time) Prior Park Landscape Gardens and American Museum & Gardens
  • (Optional with extra time) Walk along the Bath Skyline
  • Dinner and back to London

How to Get to Bath from London

Getting to Bath from London is straightforward and there are several convenient options to choose from. I recommend taking the train or renting a car.

  • By Train: The quickest and most popular way to get to Bath is by train from London Paddington Station. Direct trains run frequently throughout the day. The ride is about 90 minutes one-way. Trains arrive at Bath Spa Station, which is conveniently located in the city center, within walking distance of many attractions. You can purchase tickets at the station, but I recommend buying train tickets in advance.
  • By Car: Renting a car will give you the most flexibility, especially with kids, though it is a longer ride at 2-2.5 hours from London to Bath. There are several car parks in Bath that are walking distance to main attractions. Note that a car rental will likely be significantly less expensive for a family, especially if you’ll be using one for multiple day trips. (At the time of writing, a return ticket from London Paddington to Bath for a family with 2 adults & 2 kids is about £410, and for our family to pay for 4 kids – kids under 5 are free – would be about £530.)
  • Guided Tour: This is a great option where everything is taken care of for you in advance. I think it’s a particularly good option if you’d like to visit a couple different spots, like this option to visit Stonehenge & Bath in a day, or this tour to visit Bath & Avebury, where you’ll find the largest prehistoric stone circle in the world.

Getting Around Bath

Happily, Bath is a pretty compact city and it’s easy to walk to many of the main sites. It’s delightful to stroll and see the beautiful architecture, watch street performers, and explore hidden nooks. In particular, the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Sally Lunn’s, and Pulteney Bridge are all very close to each other.

A couple of the recommended recommended stops are a bit further and either require a longer walk, including Victoria Playground, Prior Park, the American Museum, and Bath Skyline. Especially if you’re with young kids, I’d recommend taking a bus (or a taxi). While public buses are available, this hop-on-hop-off bus tour is a terrific option to easily get to all the main sites while also getting a beautiful tour of the city.

One Day Bath Itinerary with Kids

Roman Baths With Kids

Start your time in Bath with a visit to the Roman Baths. The ancient Roman Baths are incredibly well-preserved and offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. Kids will love exploring the historic site, seeing the steaming Great Bath, and learning about Roman history through interactive exhibits and audio guides tailored for children.

Roman Baths tickets can be purchased in advance here, which I highly recommend during peak seasons. Or you can do a more complete Bath walking tour that includes the Roman Baths.

Visit the Abbey: Bath Abbey with Kids

Next, head to Bath Abbey, a stunning Gothic cathedral located right next to the Roman Baths. The Abbey’s magnificent architecture and beautiful stained glass windows alone are worth the visit. Kids will enjoy climbing the Abbey Tower for a breathtaking view of the city.

Lunch at Sally Lunn’s

No visit to Bath is complete without tasting a famous Sally Lunn bun. Head to Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House, one of the oldest houses in Bath, where you can enjoy these delicious buns with sweet or savory toppings. They are available for takeaway – just tell the host and they’ll let you walk through. Or queue up to sit down for a full meal – it’s a charming experience for all ages. I recommend getting your bun toasted, starting with a savory trencher, and finishing with a sweet bun (I love the cinnamon butter as well as the milk jam, or dulce de leche).

Bath Street Performers

After lunch stop to enjoy the street performers. Bath is renowned not only for its historical and architectural beauty but also for its vibrant street performance scene. Street performers, or “buskers,” add a lively and dynamic atmosphere to the city, especially in the bustling areas around Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, and the main shopping streets. The performances are generally family-friendly, making them a great activity for visitors with children.

Keep some small change or notes handy to show your appreciation for performances you enjoy. If you’d like to take photos or videos, ask the performer first, and consider tipping them for their time. Enjoy the experience – and, keep an eye on your belongings and stay aware of your surroundings, as crowded areas can be targets for pickpockets.

River Avon: Pulteney Bridge & Riverside Walk

Take a short walk to Pulteney Bridge, one of the most photographed landmarks in Bath. The bridge, with its shops and picturesque views over the River Avon, provides a perfect spot for family photos. Stroll along Riverside Walk to enjoy the views. If you have time, consider this short river cruise a Bath kayak tour.

Afternoon in Bath With Kids

If you have younger kids, make a quick stop at Royal Crescent. The Royal Crescent is one of Bath’s most iconic landmarks, known for its stunning Georgian architecture. Then head to Royal Victoria Park. The playground offers a variety of activities for children of all ages – I love that it’s as appealing to older kids as it is to little ones. You’ll find everything from baby play areas to huge slides & a zipline to a beautiful lake with wildlife to enjoy.

Extra Time in Bath

If you still have some time (especially during those long summer days!), spend the rest of the afternoon at Prior Park Landscape Gardens. The gardens offer stunning views, picturesque landscapes, and historical features. Swing by the American Museum & Gardens, a unique cultural attraction that showcases the history and culture of America from colonial times to the present day. It’s also the only museum outside the United States to showcase the decorative arts of America. Set within the stunning Claverton Manor, the museum is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that offer breathtaking views of the Limpley Stoke Valley and the River Avon.

Bath Skyline and Dinner in Bath

Finish your day in Bath with a walk along the Bath Skyline, a circular walking route that offers some of the best panoramic views of Bath and its surrounding countryside. Grab dinner and then head back to London!

Two Days in Bath

If you have more time in Bath, here are a few more suggestions:

  • Jane Austen Centre: kids can learn about the famous author’s life in Bath through engaging exhibits and interactive displays.
  • Guided Bath Ghost Tour: perfect to see a different side of the city with older kiddos
  • Victoria Art Gallery: hosts a variety of art collections and often has special exhibits and workshops for children. Plus, admission is free!
  • Bath Postal Museum: showcases the history of the postal service with fascinating exhibits, including old mail coaches and postal uniforms.
  • Parade Gardens: a lovely park offering beautiful views of the river and Pulteney Bridge.
  • Sydney Gardens: one of the oldest parks in Bath. Kids will enjoy the open space, playground, and the chance to see canal boats passing through the locks.



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