Our Sunday Night Toast Bar Dinner

A couple months ago, we started doing our 2-week vegetarian capsule meal plan. Overall, it’s been nice, but honestly spotty. Between spending time in the RV on and off, getting back to in-person school and sports, and other life events, … Read More

Our Vegetarian Capsule Meal Plan

We’ve done a loose vegetarian capsule meal plan for a couple of years now. I’ve always been vegetarian, so that’s no different, and I’ve appreciated having a relatively consistent set of meals to work around. Still, I hadn’t really solidified … Read More

Thin Mint Chocolate Tart

How was your Pi Day?  We had a party and there was much pie and good friends.  What more could one want?  Nothing, there is nothing more anyone could want.  My mom has her master’s in math, so Pi Day … Read More

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Until this weekend, I’d never before put chocolate chips in my pancakes. It was…life changing. I mean, HOW had I not put chocolate chips in my pancakes?  Maybe not the brightest crayon. These were delicious.  A little lighter than with … Read More

Roasted Red Pepper Pizza Sauce

I’ve mentioned before that we have homemade pizza most Friday nights around here.  We tend to keep things pretty standard with either a basic tomato sauce or pesto.  We had some red bell peppers sitting around last week, though, so … Read More