Best RV Destinations with Kids

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A few days ago, I shared 10 lessons I took away from our full time RV life. Today, I thought it would be fun to share our kids’ favorite and best RV destinations from this trip!

Our entire trip lasted nearly 4 months. Out of that, about 4 weeks were spent with family, which means we spent just about 3 months living in our RV itself. (Here’s how we chose which family RV with kids worked best for us.)

During that time, we visited 31 states and 18 National Parks. It was stunning and a grand adventure. And our kids loved it, too!

Read on to see all their best RV destinations during our RV full time living – I hope it’s helpful as you decide where to RV with kids!

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best rv destinations with kids kings canyon national park

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Our Best RV Destinations With Kids


T (Age 5)

My favorite thing we did on the trip was Dinosaur National Monument (“Dinusor Nashunul Monumint”), Great Sand Dunes (“Grat Sand Doons”), and White Sand Dunes (Wit Sanduns). What I liked about Great Sand Dunes was because we slid down them and why I liked Dinosaur National Monument was because we got to see the dino bones.

rv with kids where to go


K (Started trip at age 7, turned 8 near the end)

My favorite places that we went on the RV trip were Rocky Mountain National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and White Sands National Park. I like Kings Canyon National Park because it was pretty and because we saw two bears on N’s birthday. They were black bear cubs! I like Rocky Mountain National Park because it was also really pretty. Also in Rocky Mountain National Park we got to eat snow. I like snow! I like White Sands because we got to slide down the sand dunes. The sand was so soft it felt like snow!

best rv destinations rocky mountain national park


N (Started trip at age 9, turned 10 just before we returned)

My Top Three Favorite RV Destinations with Kids On This Trip

My top 3 favorite places on the RV trip were Tetons, Kings Canyon, and White Sands.

1. Tetons is one of my favorite places on the RV trip. I like it because:

  1. It was so beautiful with the fall colors on the mountains.
  2. There were tons of animals.
  3. 3. It was perfect weather the whole time!

2. Kings Canyon is one of my favorite places, too. I like it because:

  1. We were there on my birthday and saw 2 bear cubs on my birthday.
  2. The hikes were fantastic. (We loved this one!)
  3.  There were so many huge pine cones that we made a pine cone fort!

3. White Sands is another one of my favorites. It is because:

  1. It has awesome sledding.
  2. The sand is perfect for building and is very soft after it rains.
  3. It is the perfect place to lie down in the sand.

All of these places are my favorites because, as you can see, they are awesome.

best rv destinations grand tetons


There you have it – a top 3 favorites list from each of our older kids (the 3 year old and baby opted out ;)) during our time of RV full time living. To be fair, there’s a very good chance these are skewed to the latter part of our trip due to recency bias. Still, these are all incredible spots that we highly recommend!

Have you visited any of these spots? What are your favorite US family road trip destinations?

white sands national park road trip with kids







best rv destinations when traveling with kids


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