Introducing 2021 Global Children’s Book Club: Multicultural Children’s Books

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Welcome to the 2021 monthly Global Children’s Book Club! I’m so excited to read some multicultural children’s books and virtually travel around the world with you this coming year.

The A-Z Global Book Club I put together over the summer was one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done. I loved the opportunity to cull amazing, inclusive books based in and written by authors from around the world. I’m so happy to make it a monthly opportunity this year, and to keep it FREE!

What is the 2021 Global Children’s Book Club with multicultural children’s books?

The 2021 Global Children’s Book Club is a monthly virtual family book club to connect with diverse cultures and perspectives from around the world. I hope that seeing a variety of experiences and perspectives will help each of us progress in becoming more inclusive and also anti-racist.

Each month will focus on a different country, with one chapter book and 4 picture books (roughly one per week) to connect with families of all ages. I’ve done my best to prioritize own voices authors, including for all of the chapter books and most of the picture books.

What ages is the book club for?

I’ve chosen books for a mix of age ranges. The picture books are generally aimed at children ages 3-8, but older kids often connect with them, as well. I find that older children often still love read alouds and illustrations, even when they are strong readers themselves!

For the chapter books, a few are aimed at slightly younger audiences (5-8), while some are geared to kids up to age 10 or 12. I’ll try to provide some guidance during the month prior, and I certainly recommend doing a bit of your own research to ensure content (especially in the chapter books) is age-appropriate for your children.


What books will we read?

You can find the entire 2021 Global Children’s Book Club Book List right here!

multicultural children's books 2021


What does the book club include?

You can participate in a variety of ways, and do as much or as little as works for your family. All of these options are free!

  • Read and learn from the books, and support their creators
  • Listen in on bi-weekly (2nd & 4th weeks of the month) discussions on Instagram on topics from the books
  • Listen to weekly YouTube read alouds of picture book titles when available
  • Learn about each country through food, crafts, music, movement, and more through my virtual travel and global education guides (similar to the ones linked here)
  • Track your reading with a stunning and FREE printable reading log coming tomorrow – stay tuned!
Get your free printable 2021 Global Children’s Book Club reading log here!


How much does the online book club cost?

The 2021 Global Children’s Book Club is completely free! It’s up to you whether you purchase the books or get them through your local library. After that, the book club discussions on Instagram as well as all the resources to learn about each country will be totally FREE. You’re welcome to share them with friends, family, and schools!


How do I join the Global Children’s Book Club?

You can pop in your email below to make sure you stay up to date on all the details! And please follow along on Instagram for updates!


Paid Extras: Storytimes, Live Discussions, Author Chats, Newsletter

I’ve long considered setting up a Patreon, and this seems like the perfect time for it. By signing up for my Patreon, you can choose to gain access to special extras each month to enhance your discussions and supplement inclusive and anti-racist education in your home.

Options include:

  • A monthly newsletter with additional discussion questions and a recap of our Instagram discussions
  • Monthly live book discussions via Zoom
  • Weekly live storytimes for the picture books + brief book chats
  • Discussions with authors

And by supporting me on Patreon, you directly enable me to continue to create more resources like this. I’m so grateful for that!


Past Global Book Clubs

If you’re interested in checking out past global book clubs that I’ve hosted, here’s one that virtually travels to countries A-Z, and here’s one focused on service around the world!


I can’t wait to get started!







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