5 Favorite Women’s Travel Essentials: Best Travel Clothing for Women

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When packing my favorite women’s travel essentials, I’m generally looking for a few things: comfort, durability, and versatility. Over the years, I’ve found some of the best travel clothing for women and these are 5 of my hands-down favorites that come with me on pretty much every single trip and that I also use nonstop at home.

women's travel essentials

Ecco Sneakers

I’ve talked about these shoes about 8 bazillion times, but I just love love love them. I’ve had a pair for nearly 4 years and they’re my favorite shoes by a mile, whether at home or traveling.

They’re wildly comfortable – the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I’ve walked 10+ mile days in cities and Disney and through airports without a single issue. They also have a great slim cut and look good with everything from dresses to jeans to leggings.

I have the plain white ones, which I love for their versatility, but there are tons of other styles and colors, too. They’re worth all the pennies!

Purchase them here, here, here, here, and here

Jogger Pants

A friend recommended these pants to me a few months ago as her favorites while pregnant and postpartum, and they’ve quickly become favorites of mine. They’re not maternity, but have a wide and stretchy waistband that works with a bump, and would also be very comfortable without.

They’re so soft, look reasonably cute, and feel like pajamas. I have the olive green ones and would happily wear them every day.

For slightly dressier pants that I also really love (when not pregnant), these are my favorites. They look good with any top and are easy to dress up or dress down.

Wool Socks & Base Layers

Wool is magical in that it naturally resists odor and doesn’t need to be washed frequently – perfect for travel! I swear by these wool socks. I’ve tried probably 4 or 5 different wool sock brands (including the major ones), and these are my favorites by FAR. They’re the only ones that have never gotten holes after years of use (including the kid ones!!!) and even have a lifetime guarantee.

Plus, they’re manufactured in Vermont and are still family-owned (and according to some Vermont friends, are wonderful about supporting their community). All the wins!

I also really love wool base layers. They work great as pajamas, or can easily be layered in cold weather. Plus, they’re naturally wicking and again, don’t stink. This is my current favorite top and bottom.

Lightweight Insulated Jacket

I spent many many years wearing whatever coat happened to be available and/or on clearance. Last year, I finally decided to invest in one that would really serve my needs. I love this one because it’s lightweight (it weighs just over half a pound) but is super warm, and great for layering. It’s also water resistant, and works well in light rain. I love how versatile it is in different weather scenarios and while it’s pricey, it’s definitely a piece I’ll use for years and years.

Comfy Bra

I tend to think about outerwear for women’s travel clothing but undergarments are just as important! This bra is my very favorite and since getting a few of them over a year ago, I haven’t worn anything else. It is just so so comfortable for everyday and especially for travel. It has enough support and coverage but is just so dang comfy. It’s worked well throughout this pregnancy, and though I can’t say for sure yet, I think it’ll work fine for nursing, as well. I can’t say enough good things about these bras.

Target actually carries a less-expensive version of this bra, as well. At first glance they seem identical, so I decided to try out that one, too. I noticed that the material didn’t feel quite as nice, so I checked the material in the labels and the percentages are a bit different. It’s noticeable enough for me that I always reach for the Target one last in my drawer – it just feels a bit stiffer and thicker, but is still very comfortable.

I hope this list of some of my favorite travel clothing for women is helpful to you, too. And I’d love to hear your favorite women’s travel essentials in the comments!




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