Easter Advent Calendar: Christian Easter Activities for Kids and Adults

If you’re looking for a way to keep your Holy Week simple but meaningful, this Easter advent calendar is just the thing. With music, scriptures, art, videos, and Christian Easter activities for all ages, it’s perfect to create a sacred and peaceful Easter season.
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An Easter advent calendar was new to me a few years ago. While we’d always celebrated a Christmas advent, we hadn’t done much to prepare for Easter day. I loved how Christmas Eve and Day felt like a culmination of a many days of preparation and anticipation, so thought it would be wonderful to extend that to Easter, too. So I decided to put together a set of Christian Easter activities for kids that would help us prepare for this wonderful holiday.

A Simple Easter Advent Calendar for Children

I knew I wanted our Christian Easter activities to be fairly simple and not very time consuming. Dinnertime and bedtime can get crazy with five small children, so I wanted something that would be brief (5-10 minutes) but still meaningful. This fits that bill exactly, but can also be extended with some of the longer activity suggestions.

What Christian Easter Activities to Include

Music is the best for inviting a sacred feeling, so each day begins with a song to sing together. (I’ve linked a recording for each.) After that, we share a short series of scriptures for what happened on that day of the week during Christ’s final week on earth. While reading the scriptures, we pull up a piece of artwork that can help us remember the respective events.

Following the scriptures and art, we watch a short little video that depicts the same events. Then we finish things off with a low-key activity. Some days include bigger activities, but it’s easy to tailer them to your family’s needs (and attention spans). Young children (and adults!) do well with repetition, and it’s helped my kids immensely to understand the event from different senses.

Holy Week Art

I knew I wanted to introduce our children to Christian Easter art throughout the week. So I put together a set of slides with images of different pieces of artwork that relate to the events that took place on each day of the week. These works of art are strictly for personal and home use, and are only for viewing. All images are publicly available and the artist information is documented within the speaker notes.

We like playing the art as a slideshow for our children to watch while we read the scriptures that go along with each day. If you’d like to use these in your own home, and only for personal viewing, here is the link to the Easter art slides.

egg hunting Easter advent calendar

Including Service in Our Easter Advent Calendar

A few years ago, I began including a simple service prompt in our Christmas advent for kids. It became such a meaningful way to remember the actual reason we were celebrating, and to act as our Savior would in a small way. I decided service was an important part of our Easter advent for children, as well. What better way to remember the gift of Jesus’s resurrection than to try to emulate His behavior while on earth?

Other Christian Easter Activities

In putting our Easter advent calendar together, I used THESE TWO books as references. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed with doing all of it, though, so it felt easier for our family to narrow the scope significantly. Still, if you’re looking for other activity ideas, both of those books have a host of crafts and Easter activities for families.

The ones I’ve included are great religious Easter activities for preschoolers up through adults. Even young toddlers will connect with the songs and some of the activities. I hope these Christian Easter activities and this Easter advent calendar help make Easter a meaningful and moving time for you and your family!

easter advent calendar - christian easter activities for families

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Easter Advent Calendar: Christian Easter Activities for Kids and Adults


Easter Advent Calendar: Palm Sunday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Palm Sunday: What did Jesus do on Palm Sunday? On this day, Jesus had His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem where palm branches were placed in His path. People said “Hosanna” as he passed (learn why we say Hosanna). After entering the city, he went directly to the temple, then retired to Bethany for the night. (clarified in the book of Mark)

Song: Hosanna

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11

Art: Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, van Dyck

Video: The Lord’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Service: Give everyone in your family a hug

Christian Easter Activity: Learn more about why the people used palm branches. Make pretend palm branches out of construction paper (like these handprint palm fronds). Look at an image depicting the event then act out the triumphal entry – kids will love riding on a parent like a “donkey”

Grownup Devotional: The Way of the Disciple

Christian Easter activities for kids triumphal entry

Easter Advent Calendar: Holy Monday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Holy Monday: On this day, Jesus went to the temple and was disappointed to see people using it for the wrong reasons. People had to pay tithing with special money, so moneychangers were there to help them trade their regular money for tithing money. However, they didn’t give them the correct amount back and were swindling the people coming to the temple. Because of this, Jesus cleansed and sanctified the temple, just as he can cleanse and sanctify us to prepare us for the Holy Spirit.

Song: I Love to See the Temple

Scripture: Matthew 21: 12-17

Art: Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple, El Greco

Video: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Service: Hold the door open for someone

Christian Easter Activity: Look at photos of what the temple may have looked like during Jesus’s time (or here are some pictures) and build a model out of LEGOs.

Grownup Devotional: Easter Thoughts, and also a Music and the Spoken Word video


Easter Advent Calendar: Tuesday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Holy Tuesday: On this day, Jesus returned to the temple. This was the final time Jesus taught in public. He responds to Jewish leaders who challenge his right to cleanse the temple. His response is in a series of parables. Christ goes to Mt. Olivet and gives Matthew 24 “Olivet Discourse.” Judas approaches Jewish leaders and offers to betray Christ.

Song: Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Scripture: Matthew 21: 18-46

Art: Return of the Prodigal Son, Rembrandt

Video: They That Are Wise

Service: Write a letter or draw a picture for someone

Christian Easter Activity: Act out different parables and see if other family members can guess what it is! Or make pretend oil lamps and act out the parable of the 10 virgins.

Grownup Devotional: He Is Risen


Easter Advent Calendar: Spy Wednesday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Spy Wednesday: The gospels do not record the events of this day. Historians currently think Jesus may have spent the day outside the city, possibly in Bethany. Judas did choose to betray Jesus on this day, which is why some people call the day “Spy Wednesday.”

Song: On a Golden Springtime

Scripture: Excerpts from Matthew 24-25

Art: Kiss of Judas, Giotto

Video: Thou Art The Christ

Service: Secretly do someone else’s chore today (like a spy)

Christian Easter Activity: “Heart Attack” someone

Grownup Devotional: An Apostle’s Witness of the Resurrection

Easter advent calendar egg hunt


Easter Advent Calendar: Maundy Thursday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Maundy Thursday: This is the day Jesus ate the Last Supper with His disciples. He introduced the Sacrament and gave the intercessory prayer. Then he went to Gethsemane that night. There, Judas betrayed him and officers took Jesus to trial.

Song: As Now We Take the Sacrament

Scripture: Matthew 26: 17-75

Art: The Last Supper, da Vinci

Video: The Last Supper

Service: Give someone a compliment

Christian Easter Activity: Have a Jerusalem dinner with foods the Savior may have eaten (Many historians now believe the Last Supper was not actually a Passover seder, but you may want to consider the types of foods that may be common.)

Grownup Devotional: The Olive Press


Easter Advent Calendar: Good Friday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Good Friday: On Good Friday, Pilate sentenced Jesus to death. Later that day, Jesus voluntarily gave up His life on the cross. Friends buried Him in a tomb and sealed it off.

Song: He Died That We Might Live Again

Scripture: Matthew 27:1-61

Art: The Crucifixion, El Greco

Video: The Lamb of God

Service: Pray for someone else as Jesus prayed for us

Christian Easter Activity: Make a crown of thorns with sticks and leaves. Leave the lights off all day and go about the day in darkness. Taste the difference between water and vinegar.

Grownup Devotional: Sunday Will Come

dyed Easter eggs christian activities for kids

Easter Advent Calendar: Black Saturday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Black Saturday: Christ’s body remains in the tomb while His spirit ministers in the spirit world.

Song: Beautiful Savior

Scripture: Matthew 27:62-66

Art: Lamentation of Christ, Rubens

Video: Jesus Is Laid In A Tomb

Service: Ask someone how they are doing

Christian Easter Activity: Dye Easter eggs and discuss how Jesus emerged from the tomb on Sunday.

Grownup Devotional: Resurrection


Easter Advent Calendar: Easter Sunday

Summary of Jesus Christ’s activities on Easter Sunday: The Risen Christ appears to Mary, Peter, the Apostles, and other disciples.

Song: He Is Risen!, Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Scripture: Matthew 28:1-15

Art: Resurrection of Christ, Raphael

Video: He Is Risen

Service: Greet everyone with a smile

Christian Easter Activity: Easter egg hunt – enjoy emptying the eggs of their contents. The tomb was also empty after Jesus was resurrected. Have Easter dinner!

Grownup Devotional: This Glorious Easter Morn








christian easter activities for preschoolers and toddlers


easter advent calendar - christian easter activities for families

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