List of Small Businesses That Sell Children’s Products Online

If you’re looking for some kids gift ideas or just need to make another purchase, why not support a small business? Here is a list of small businesses to support when buying children’s products online!
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It’s always nice to support small businesses, but I think we’re all especially feeling that pull right now. With the economy really struggling right now, I know we’re doing our best to actually support small business with some of our kids gift purchases.

Why create a list of small businesses in USA to support?

Of course, Amazon is so easy. But especially in this economic climate, we need small businesses to succeed. When the world returns to normal, it will be really nice to still have those shops that specialize and excel in various areas. Plus, they do wonders for job creation, local amenities, and general town life. Not to mention, they provide personal service and uniqueness. There are so many benefits to small business!

List of Small Businesses for Children’s Products

I was finding it difficult to find a list of small businesses that are still operating and that cater to children’s items, and from which you can purchase online. Here are some favorites that I’ve found. I hope this list of small businesses helps you support your local economy, as well as small shops around the USA and the world!

small businesses for kids gifts

This list of small businesses to support contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesnā€™t change your price.


List of Small Businesses that Carry Children’s Products Online


  • Watercolor Class for Kids
    • This is the number one thing I’m most excited to give my kids this holiday season. It’s an online class that you can watch whenever you want, for however many kids you want, as many times as you want. And with the code THANKS30, it’s just over $20 – a screaming deal!
  • Kiwi Co STEM Boxes
  • Around the World Stories
    • We’ve listened to these darling audio stories for kids based on characters from around the world for a couple years now. They’re so fun!
  • Revolution Math
    • This online math class is story-based and so fun for kids! We took a break while RVing, and my kids have been asking to restart!
  • Guardian Bikes
    • We have a couple of these bikes for our kids and LOVE them. They’re truly the safest kids bikes available due to their patented braking system. I highly recommend them!!
  • Bravery Magazine
    • I’ve admired Bravery Magazine from afar for a while, and I adore their mission to help us all learn more about brave women from around the world.
  • to support a local bookstore
    • This is a wonderful website to select any local bookstore across the US. They have almost any book you could want. Here are some of my favorite titles!
  • Piccolina clothing for kids
    • I absolutely adore their Trailblazer clothing featuring female leaders around the world, as well as their STEM-focused clothing.
  • Mifold compact booster seat
    • We’ve traveled with these ultra-compact booster seats for years and years and love them so much. Makes travel with kids so much easier.
  • Tubby Todd Bath Products
    • These are our VERY favorite bath products for kids. They are perfect even for sensitive newborn skin, work so well, and smell amazing.
  • RideSafer Travel Vest
    • Speaking of travel boosters, we also adore this one. It provides more support for younger children, or can be tethered for older kids if needed. It was perfect for us in the RV since we couldn’t use a traditional booster since there wasn’t a shoulder belt, but this allowed us to tether our oldest in his seat.
  • Allbirds Wool Sneakers
    • We’ve had a few pairs of these for our kids and they are SO cute and comfortable. I love that they are made from sustainable wool!
  • Hanger Frames
    • I got these early in the spring on a friend’s recommendation and have loved them! They’re perfect for hanging some beautiful, easy-to-switch-out art in your child’s room.
  • Raddish Kids
    • These cooking boxes for kids are SO fun for the whole family. I especially love the country ones!
  • Parent-Child Connection Journal
    • We’ve had a Loom parent-child journal for a little over a year now and it’s such a special keepsake. So wonderful for recording thoughts and also for connecting with kids who have a harder time sharing emotions.
  • London Littles Rain Boots
    • It doesn’t get cuter than these sweet little rain boots in fun patterns. The yellow ones with kites are my favorites – my daughter outgrew hers and I need to replace them!
  • Caitlin Connoly Art
    • I just love Caitlin’s work so much. So many beautiful pieces that would be perfect for a family area or a children’s room.
  • Habbi Habbi Language Learning Books
    • We’ve used both the Spanish and Chinese versions with our kids and they making learning another language so fun and interactive.
  • Mon Petit Shoes
    • My daughter owns a pair of these and we love them. Leather is always beautiful, durable, and classic.
  • Adelisa and Co
    • Speaking of leather children’s shoes, we also own a pair from this beautiful shop that has them made in Nicaragua to support job creation there.
  • Solly Baby Wrap
    • Super soft and stretchy to wear those tiny babies. They’re having a big sale!



I’ll continue to update this list of small businesses for children’s products as I hear of more shops, so please share any of your favorites in the comments!






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  • Maren Thacker says:

    We love Slumberkins! I generally am not into having lots of stuffed toys and I find them valuable. We have a few of the animals, but the books are so awesome for teaching emotional intelligence and positive coping skills. We repeat the affirmations all the time in a difficult moment. Alpaca is a huge hit with my child who struggles with anxiety.

    • Oh this is great to know – I’ll definitely look into them! Thank you for sharing!

  • My mom has a small business that sells merchandise for kids, specifically geared toward convenience in travel. Her business is called Places Whee Go, and the website is She just started a little over a year ago, and is slowly building up her list of products, and will eventually have her own personal product line. She feels strongly about supporting other small businesses and eco friendly sourcing in choosing products to sell. She also has a Facebook page and Instagram page if you want to learn more. She would be so grateful to have your support. šŸ˜Š

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