A Vegetarian Easter Dinner Menu | Vegetarian Easter Recipes

Are you prepping for a vegetarian Easter dinner but are unsure what to make that’s still traditional but still simple? Here are some fantastic vegetarian Easter recipes for a wonderful holiday menu!
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vegetarian easter dinner menu

A few years ago, I decided to make the same vegetarian menu for each holiday we celebrate. It took so much less mental energy to just KNOW what I was going to make for each holiday meal. It can be tricky to find vegetarian dishes for holidays, so I’ve loved having a set menu for a few years now, especially for our vegetarian Easter dinner.

Easter dinner is one of the harder ones as a vegetarian since ham is so traditional. It can definitely feel tricky to come up with inventive vegetarian Easter ideas! Still, over a few years of trial and error, I’ve managed to come up with a wonderful vegetarian spring dinner menu that still feels traditional. It’s festive without being fussy, and is a great Easter dinner menu for a crowd.

I hope you enjoy these vegetarian Easter dishes!

easter dinner menu for vegetarians

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Vegetarian Easter Recipes for Every Meal

Vegetarian Easter Breakfast Menu

We love having a hearty breakfast on Easter morning. It’s always fun to have some sort of egg dish (so festive!). One quiche usually isn’t quite enough for our whole family, however, so it’s nice to have a larger scale quiche instead (plus, leftovers are always welcomed). Our favorite quiche is made in a springform pan, which is also useful to have on hand for cheesecake baking. 😉 I typically cook it on top of a rimmed baking pan with a silicone baking mat just in case any juices leak.

Here are some of our favorites Easter breakfast menu items:

Mushroom Quiche

Bunny Pancakes with Coconut Syrup

mushroom quiche for vegetarian easter breakfast

Vegetarian Easter Dinner Menu: Vegetarian Easter Main Dishes and Sides

I love including very springy and fresh seasonal vegetables into our vegetarian Easter dinner. Asparagus and peas are some of my favorite spring vegetables, and I like them best minimally cooked to preserve the fresh flavors. These recipes highlight those vegetables while still including some traditional, rich elements such as cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs.

Roasted asparagus

Cheesy au gratin potatoes

Deviled eggs

Maple glazed carrots

Spinach strawberry salad

Linguine with pea pesto

Good bread

coconut cream pie vegetarian easter

Vegetarian Easter Dessert Recipes

I’m not sure why, but coconut has always struck me as very Easter-y. Since I don’t love cake, I’ve made this coconut cream pie for years. It’s creamy and delicious and very coconutty. Perfect for Easter dessert. I love making it in this beautiful ruffled pie dish.

Coconut cream pie

Fresh pineapple

This year, we may instead make these delicious strawberry shortcakes since we just made the coconut pie for Pi Day.



easter dinner menu for vegetarians

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