Our 2023 Kids Easter Baskets and Husband Easter Basket

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I love putting together kids Easter baskets and also my husband’s Easter basket – it’s always a great chance to find a few useful items for the upcoming summer season. I try to stick to things I know they need and will use, and keep to a few basic categories – new outfit, summer play, art, book, some treats.

Here’s what I’m putting in our kids Easter baskets and also a husband Easter basket. I hope it helps you find some useful kids Easter basket ideas!

Easter Outfits

It’s getting trickier to find outfits that match across my kids’ various ages, but I managed! I suspect our time when we can do this is quickly waning, especially as my two oldest move into tween sizes, so I’m thoroughly enjoying this while I can.

Girls: Baby dress, Little & big girls’ dress

Boys’ button down shirt

Hiking Sandals

We really love our summer hiking sandals and get tons and tons of wear out of them. My kids wear them all summer long for hiking, of course, but also for water play, walking around, and even with socks when chilly. It’s a great kids Easter basket item!

I prefer the close-toed ones for my younger kids to protect their feet. My oldest prefers open-toe hiking sandals, however.

12 year old boy (Foggy Mountain Navy/Grey)

10 year old girl (Orange Peel/Yellow)

8 year old boy (Blue Depths/Gargoyle)

5 year old boy (Grey/Black)

3 year old girl (Very Berry/Fusion Coral)

Kids Easter Basket Swimsuit

I love including a new swimsuit for summer in my kids’ Easter baskets. Their ones from last year are usually outgrown or worn out by this point, so it’s the perfect time to start with a fresh one and to grab them before they start selling out. We loved the Primary rash guards last year for their bright, solid colors with no logos, so I got those again for my boys, and some matching suits for everyone.

Here are the ones I got my kids this year:

BOYS: 12 year old swim trunks, 8 & 5 year old swim trunks, rash guard in cantaloupe

GIRLS: I got the girls’ swimsuits from Carter’s in big girl, toddler, and baby sizes

Book for Kid Easter Basket

Of course I can never resist putting in a new book for each of my kids to read. It’s a great opportunity to diversify our bookshelves and I love the idea of each of my kids eventually leaving home with a collection of the special books that were gifted to them for holidays and birthdays.

12 year old: No Better Friend: Young Readers Edition: A Man, a Dog, and Their Incredible True Story of Friendship and Survival in World War II
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Walmart

10 year old: Maizy Chen’s Last Chance
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target

7 year old: Who Were the Navajo Code Talkers?
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

5 year old: The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

3 year old: When The Sakura Bloom

Available on Amazon,

7 month old: Little Blue Truck’s Springtime
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

Summer Needs for Kids Easter Basket: Useful Easter Basket Items

Our kids’ googles all seem to have either broken or gotten lost in the last couple years so it was time for a replacement. This is one of my favorite useful Easter basket items!

I decided to try out these fabric strap goggles. A couple of my kids are sensitive to hair getting pulled, but I feel like we’ve had a harder time getting a good fit with these snap goggles. I’m hoping these fabric strap ones work well for us!

The baby obviously doesn’t need goggles, so I’m sticking a new jar of our favorite coconut oil balm that we are all obsessed with in her basket instead. I suspect multiple other children will be jealous. ­čśë

Clothing Item

A few of my kids have outgrown some clothing so I got them a need or two. For my other kids, I’m just including a fun and gently used clothing item that’s been handed down for a sibling and that’s been packed away in a bin. ­čÖé

Here are the ones I purchased new for those who needed something:

Summer Activity

In addition to their summer “needs,” I decided to include one fun summer activity in each of my kids’ Easter baskets. I hope these are great to enjoy together, too!


An Easter basket always has to include a treat, as far as I’m concerned! This year, I included a bag of Trader Joe’s mini gummies for each kiddo – I love that this is a tiny bag so it’s not treat overload. I also got a small piece of Swiss chocolate from L├Ąderach in a different flavor for each of them.

Husband Easter Basket Ideas

I’m also creating a small basket for Dan with a few things he’ll love and needs. Here’s what I’m including in his:

There you have it! How about you?? Do you do Easter baskets? Is this similar or different to the types of things you usually include?


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