Our 2022 Kids Easter Baskets

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It’s always a fun challenge putting together fun and also useful kids Easter baskets each year. I generally try to stick to a few standard categories – new outfit, summer play, art, book, some treats.

Here’s what we’re doing this year – I hope it helps you find some useful ideas for kids Easter baskets!

Easter Outfits

With the pandemic, it had been quite a while since I’d gotten my kids a new church outfit so it was fun to pick them out.

Girls’ dress

Boys’ button down shirt

Hiking Sandals

I love including needed summer gear for my kids to create awesome and useful Easter baskets. Every single one of my kids has outgrown their hiking sandals from last year, so it was definitely time for some new ones. We’ll be doing a fair bit of summer hiking so I love getting my kids some sturdy sandals with great traction that can go in and out of water. They’re also just great for warm weather activities in general. These are some of our kids’ most heavily-used shoes in the summer!

I really like the close-toed ones for my younger kids to protect their feet, but my oldest two prefer the open ones, so I went with that.

11 year old boy (blue)

9 year old girl (rainbow)

7 year old boy (navy)

4 year old boy (olive)

2 year old girl (rainbow)

Kids Easter Basket Swimsuit

Easter is also when I usually get my kids a new swimsuit for summer. They’re often worn through and/or outgrown last year’s, so it’s a perfect time to get one before they all start going out of stock. It’s surprisingly tricky to find matching suits for younger and older kiddos, so I was really happy that Old Navy came through on the bottoms. I’ve never tried Primary.com before, but have heard great things so I’m really excited for those – they have tons of sizes and I love that they’re all solid colors without logos (also difficult to find!!).

Here are the ones I got my kids this year:

BOYS: swim trunks (here’s the baby & toddler size) and rash guard
I also got Dan this matching suit and rash guard

GIRLS: swimsuit from here and similar to this style (the one I got is out of stock but that one is somewhat similar and from the same store; this one is a similar color and also has a variety of sizes from younger to older girls, and we also love this brand)

Book for Kid Easter Basket

Of course I can never resist putting in a new book for each of my kids to read. It’s a great opportunity to diversify our bookshelves and I love the idea of each of my kids eventually leaving home with a collection of the special books that were gifted to them for holidays and birthdays.

11 year old: Unbroken Young Adult Adaptation
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Walmart

9 year old: The Last Cuentista
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target

7 year old:
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

4 year old: Eyes That Speak to the Stars
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

2 year old: I’ll Go and Come Back
Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

Summer Need/Something Helpful

There are a few things that would be helpful for my kids as we adventure this summer and beyond.

11 year old: rain cover for his upgraded/bigger hiking backpack

9 year old: rain cover for her upgraded/bigger hiking backpack

7 year old: best water bottle for kids (he lost his old one so I’m replacing it…also available at Target)

4 year old: soft headphones that stay on younger kiddos – these will be great for travel and to use with his Yoto player, including in the RV

2 year old: rain coverall (we’ve never had one of these before since we live in a very dry area, but we’ll be traveling to a place with a good bit of rain for the whole summer so I think we’ll be very glad to have this)

Water Fun

I always like to include something for summer water play and fun – these always get used a ton so it’s one of my favorite useful ideas for kids Easter baskets.

11 year old: dive gems (I got these for all my big kids when they were on super sale over the winter holidays and I’m glad to have them on hand!)

9 year old: dive gems

7 year old: dive gems

4 year old: Water Wiggler light up dive toy

2 year old: light up dinosaur bath toy

Art Supply

It’s always fun to replenish an art supply or two for my kids or to give them something a little bit special. These will also be great in the RV this summer.

11 year old: he’s not as into craft supplies and prefers tinkering, so I got him this fun little solo thinking game

9 year old: cream sticks oil pastel pens + pastel highlighters (my daughter loves pretty art supplies and is going to adore these)

7 year old: colorful modeling clay

4 year old: mini markers in travel case with drawing board (perfect for travel with my kiddo who loves to draw; sold out at Target)

2 year old: Easter egg chalk


What’s an Easter basket without some treats in it?? This year, I included a bag of Trader Joe’s gummies for each of my kids (either the mixed tropical fruit flavors or the sweet and sour turtles). I also put in a dark chocolate peanut butter egg from See’s Candy.

There you have it! How about you?? Do you do Easter baskets? Is this similar or different to the types of things you usually include?


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