A is for Australia: Australia For Kids Virtual Tour

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Welcome to the first letter for the Global Children’s Book Club! Today we’ll be starting with Australia for kids. Get ready for a fun and inspiring Australia virtual tour – perfect for global education at home or for an Australia homeschooling unit.

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australia for kids virtual tour

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A is for Australia: Australia For Kids Virtual Tour

Featured Australia Book

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French


Author Book Chat
YouTube video


Read Aloud (Not by the Author)
YouTube video


Diary of a Wombat Picture Book Discussion Questions

  • What kind of animals are marsupials?
  • If you were to describe the personality of a wombat, what would it be like?
  • What kinds of activities do wombats like to do? Do you have anything in common with them?
  • What are some things wombats like to eat?


Australia Kids Books by and about Indigenous Peoples

Other Australia Books for Kids



Australia Fun Facts

  • The capital of Australia is Canberra.
  • 90% of Australians live on the coast.
  • Between 80-90% of Australia’s plants and animals are unique to Australia.
  • The Australian Alps get more snow than the Swiss Alps!
  • The currency is the Australian dollar.
  • Australia has 3 times more sheep than people.
  • Australia has no official national language, but English has been the most common language spoken ever since European colonization.
  • When European colonists first arrived, there were about 300 Indigenous Australian languages in regular use. Now, only about 20 of those are used by people of all ages (older people speak about 110 of them).


Australia for Kids: Flag Activity

Flag of Australia - Wikipedia

Flag from HERE


HERE is a fun printable Australian flag coloring sheet!


Australia Virtual Tour to a Featured Landmark

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef the largest living thing on earth! It’s also the biggest coral reef in the world. Coral look like plants, but they’re actually small animals that attach to rocks. The coral reef provides a home to many other plants and animals.

YouTube video


Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a performing arts center in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It’s a very famous building! They host performances in music, dance, and other forms of art.

YouTube video


Featured Australian Artist: Albert Namatjira

Albert Namatjira was an Australian Aboriginal artist. (That means that he was descended from groups of people who lived in Australia before British colonization.) He was born on July 28, 1902 and died on August 8, 1959.

He was most famous for his watercolor paintings of central Australia. Though his works were popular even while he was alive, he experienced discrimination because of his Aboriginal descent. In Australia, there were certain areas set aside for decendants of white colonists, where indigenous people were not allowed to live. He was not allowed to move into a certain area because of his ethnic background.


Albert Namatjira - Wikipedia

Photo from HERE

Seeing the centre

Image and more information HERE


Featured Important Australian Person: Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman is an Aboriginal Australian sprinter. She was the first Australian Aboriginal person to compete in the Olympics (in 1992). Then she became the first Australian Aboriginal person to win an individual Olympic gold medal when she won the 400-meter dash in 2000. She carried the Australian flag as well as the Aboriginal flag during her victory lap.Cathy Freeman

Photo from HERE


Featured Australian Food: Australian Recipe for Kids: Fairy Bread

This is a fun and popular Aussie kids party food. It’s simple for kids to make and fun to eat!

Recipe adapted from HERE

White bread
Butter or margarine

  1. Spread butter on bread. Cover with sprinkles.
  2. Eat!


Australia for Kids Craft Activity

A boomerang was a flying tool historically used for hunting. Some pictures of boomerangs being thrown at animals are show in some Indigenous Australian rock art that might be up to 50,000 years old!

Make an origami boomerang that actually returns! You may consider adding some Aboriginal symbols. Make sure to consider what the symbols mean!

YouTube video


Other Australia for Kids Facts, Activities, & Music


YouTube video


Australia Movie for Kids


Australia Conversations with a Local: Culture, History, & Food Discussion Video

YouTube video


YouTube video


Australia for Kids Discussion Questions

  • Who are Aboriginal people?
  • Do you think it’s important to have a consistent language for the whole country?
  • What is a continent? Is Australia an island?
  • What is your favorite Australian animal?
  • Why do we need to protect coral reefs?



Thanks for Taking a Virtual Visit to Australia With Us!

We’ve loved putting together this resource to virtually visit Australia. We’d love to hear if you do any of these activities for a homeschooling Australia unit, or if you visit in person!

We hope to inspire curiosity and connection through exploring and learning, and we hope this guide helps you and your families. Please share any activities you do with us over on our Instagram. And we’d be delighted if you passed this Australia for kids virtual tour and homeschooling resource along to others, as well!








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  • Watching your video with the interview with the local where she was talking about the Pan Asian cuisine being so good in Australia, reminded me of a food blogger I follow who is Australian who has so many incredible Asian food recipes on her blog. They are phenomonal, and she is such fun to watch in her cooking. The website is recipetineats.com

    I have loved learning from her!

    • Oh that is so fun! I’ll definitely check it out – thank you!!

  • Hello! I noticed there’s a section for other book recomendations, but it’s blank. When my kids and I did the book club a few years ago, I’m pretty sure I remember there being recommendations. Do you know why these aren’t showing up any more? Thank you!

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