2020 Global Children’s Book Club Schedule

Are you excited to explore the world from home this summer? Here’s the Global Children’s Book Club schedule with dates. We can’t wait!
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I’m so looking forward to starting this inaugural Global Children’s Book Club with you! I hope you’re as excited as I am to hear from #ownvoices authors, and learn about diverse experiences and perspectives through books, activities, and food.

Inclusion education is needed more than ever. We hope it provides an important internal and family element to diverse global education and an accompaniment to (though not substitute for ) the anti-racist work you are doing.

What’s Included in the Global Children’s Book Club Schedule

Each country will have a short virtual travel guide here on the blog for you to use in your homes. I’ll post each guide on the morning of the day we’re studying the country (or if you’re signed up for the email list, you’ll receive it a few days in advance). I’ll also post the read alouds/book chats on my IGTV each morning (Pacific Daylight Time).

There will also be options to gain access to a weekly small group discussion with other parents, a facebook group to share ideas/activities/learnings, and small group discussions with authors. Stay tuned!

For the chapter books, we’ll have biweekly discussions on Instagram Stories. I’ve included those dates below, as well.

If you’re not already on the email list, you can sign up here:


Global Children’s Book Club Materials

In case you need help finding the materials, here’s everything you need:

Introduction: Global Children’s Book Club

GCBC Picture Book List

GCBC Chapter Book List

GCBC Printable Book List

Juneteenth Books for Kids

Let me know if you have questions or if I missed anything. In the meantime, here’s a full schedule of dates for the children’s book club this year!


global children's book club schedule

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2020 Global Children’s Book Club Schedule


A-Z Country Picture Books + Juneteenth

Day 1: Wednesday, June 10th: A is for Australia

Day 2: Thursday, June 11th: B is for Brazil

Day 3: Friday, June 12th: C is for Cambodia


Day 4: Monday, June 15th: D is for the Dominican Republic

Day 5: Tuesday, June 16th: E is for Ethiopia

Day 6: Wednesday, June 17th: F is for France

Day 7: Thursday, June 18th: G is for Greece

Day 8: Friday, June 19th: JUNETEENTH

Day 9: Monday, June 22nd: H is for Hungary

Day 10: Tuesday, June 23rd: I is for India

Day 11: Wednesday, June 24th: J is for Japan

Day 12: Thursday, June 25th: K is for Kenya

Day 13: Friday, June 26th: L is for Latvia


Day 14: Monday, June 29th: M is for Morocco

Day 15: Tuesday, June 30th: N is for Navajo Nation

Day 16: Wednesday, July 1st: O is for Oman

Day 17: Thursday, July 2nd: P is for Peru

Day 18: Friday, July 3rd: Q is for Qatar


Day 19: Monday, July 6th: R is for Russia

Day 20: Tuesday, July 7th: S is for South Korea

Day 21: Wednesday, July 8th: T is for Thailand

Day 22: Thursday, July 9th: U is for Ukraine

Day 23: Friday, July 10th: V is for Venezuela


Day 24: Monday, July 13th: W is for Wales

Day 25: Tuesday, July 14th: X is for MeXico

Day 26: Wednesday, July 15th: Y is for Yemen

Day 27: Thursday, July 16th: Z is for Zimbabwe

Friday, July 17th: WRAP UP


Chapter Book Discussion Schedule

Juana and Lucas: Tuesday, June 16th & Tuesday, June 30th

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon: Tuesday, July 14th & Tuesday, 28th

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Tuesday, August 11th & Tuesday, August 25th







global children's book club schedule

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