Introducing the A-Z Global Children’s Book Club

This global children’s book club is an effort to cultivate understanding, respect, and love for the world and its people. I deeply hope it plants seeds of diverse global education in your families!
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global children's book club

I’m a book club lover. I’m currently in 3 book clubs, and have been a part of at least 1 at all times for more than a decade. I love the discussion, the insights, and the push to read. I love the commitment and encouragement. And the idea of a children’s book club delights me to no end.

I’ve been heartbroken by some recent events in the United States. We need more kindness and compassion, more understanding and curiosity and empathy. We need more diversity.

A friend challenged us to use our voices and to act within our sphere of influence. She reminded me we can all do something.

Introducing: Global Children’s Book Club

So with that in mind, here’s what I’m planning to do in my space. This summer, I’ll be hosting a virtual children’s book club with books that take place in or are influenced by countries from around the world. Both here and on Instagram, I’ll be helping our family and anyone else who would like to join learn more about a wide variety of peoples and countries and communities.

We’ll do a small thing to help us all become more comfortable with and appreciative of difference. It’s a little something we can all do to plant seeds of connection, acceptance, and love. We hope you can join us!

More info below on how it works, but here are the book lists!

Global Picture Book List
Juneteenth Books
Global Chapter Book List
Printable Book List
Book Club Schedule
FREE Alphabet Printable Passport


How Do I Sign Up?

The most common question I’ve gotten is – how do I sign up? I have you covered! Stay in the know with all the most important info by popping in your name right here. Read on below for more information on how it will work!



How the Book Club for Kids Will Work: Picture Books + Chapter Books

The book club will have two main main components – picture books & chapter books.

Picture Book Alphabet Countdown

For the picture books, we’ll have one per day for 26 days. Each picture book will correspond to a letter of the alphabet and country of the day. To go along with that, we’ll have some fun activities and recipes on the blog, and an incredible passport book printable from Becca at Hadley Designs.

Each country will also have a full virtual field trip, usually with a virtual read aloud of the book, as well as crafts, recipes, discussion questions, videos, and more.

Here is the full list of 26 diverse picture books, as well as the book list for the special Juneteenth day!


Chapter Books

For the chapter books, we’ll have one per month for each month of (US) summer – June, July, and August. I’ll provide some discussion questions and prompts here, and lead a brief weekly discussion of a section of the book over on Instagram.

The chapter books will also include a virtual field trip on the featured country.

Go find the chapter books we’ll be reading right here!


Or if you want everything in one place, here’s a printable book list!

When will it take place?

You can read the books and do the virtual field trips at your own pace – it’s a perfect program for some summer learning or as part of a school year curriculum!


Kids Book Club Ages

I’m including both picture books and chapter books in the book club to allow a variety of ages and families to participate.

The picture books are really for all ages! While picture books may seem like they’re geared to younger readers, I encourage families with kids of all ages to participate. There’s so much goodness in many picture books! They often have rich vocabulary and insightful themes that are wonderful even for older children.

The chapter books will be primarily geared to the 6-10 crowd. Still, ANYONE, older or younger, is more than welcome to participate.

global children's book club






global children's book club

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