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I can’t count how many of you fell in love with Juana and Lucas after reading it for the Global Children’s Book Club. While the other two global chapter books for the 2020 summer book club are also delightful, they’re not geared to quite the same early chapter book/transitional chapter book reader. So I wanted to share a few more global early chapter books.

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Here are some others that are similar to Juana and Lucas. Each of these still has illustrations, with slightly larger text on-page. Each is written in English and based in or influenced by a country other than the United States. The books often include snippets of language and culture in a natural and authentic way, while maintaining charm and humor.

I hope you love some of these global early chapter books as you continue to diversify your children’s bookshelves!

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Juana and Lucas: Big Problemas

I couldn’t share this post without including the sequel to the original Juana and Lucas. In this one, Juana’s Mami starts getting close to a new friend, and they decide to get married. Juana is charming as ever, and it’s delightful seeing how she handles her new family situation in Colombia.

Yasmin Book Series

Written by own voice author Saadi Faruqi, the Yasmin series is delightfully authentic, charming, and vulnerable. It features a Pakistani American protagonist and mixes in some Urdu words and aspects of Muslim culture into the writing. The series is perfect for early readers or as a read aloud for ages 4-7, and includes a few illustrations in addition to the text.

I love that there are a number of books in the series to keep your little reader going for a while!

Jasmine Toguchi

It’s always nice when books have a few in the series so you can continue on if you love them! Jasmine is tired of always being the younger sister who has to wait to do exciting activities. Her spirited and fun personality gives early readers insight into Japanese culture.

Arnica, the Duck Princess

Arnica and her fiance are so excited to get married, but an evil witch curses them so that one of them must always be a duck. This charming and exciting Hungarian fairy tale is delightful for young listeners.

Anna Hibiscus

Author Atinuke writes this charming series about a girl who grows up in modern Africa. While I was initially hesitant about a book that didn’t specify a country within the continent, the author notes that this was a purposeful decision to allow readers to connect with many different places. Another series with several books perfect for younger readers.

Stella Diaz

In this charming 3-book series, Stella is based on the author’s own life growing up Mexican American. With some pictures mixed into the text, it’s perfect for early chapter book readers. It also, like Juana and Lucas, integrates some Spanish vocabulary into the text – perfect for practice with using context clues.

I’d love to hear any other global early chapter books that you love!



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