12 Days of Winter Holidays Around the World

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It’s really important to me that my kids recognize that their traditions, culture, and upbringing aren’t the gold standard. I want them to know that their celebrations aren’t “normal” at the exclusion of other beautiful holidays and festivals. I want them to have a global outlook and recognize there are so many incredible peoples and cultures around the world, and all are worthy of celebration.

Unfortunately, in the US, we often center Christmas to the exclusion of many other of these traditions and holidays. I love Christmas! And I also don’t want my kids thinking that Christmas is the most important holiday to everyone.

Our family will be celebrating 12 days of winter holidays around the world this year. Each day, I’ll email out a brief summary, along with a couple suggestions for books, videos, and recipes. It’ll be simple and fun, and you can do as much or as little as you’d like.

You can also start anytime that works for your family, so don’t worry if you can’t begin today!

Just pop in your email below to join in, and be sure to share with a friend, too!

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