Princess Bride Halloween Costumes for Families

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We’ve loved the movie The Princess Bride for many many moons and it’s one of the few I quote regularly. It’s just so darn funny! So we thought doing Princess Bride Halloween costumes would be fun for the whole family.

It took a little convincing to get everyone on board with a character they wanted to be, but we managed to pull it off in the end. And we managed to put together some really unique Princess Bride costumes – it’s one of our favorite family Halloween costume themes yet.

All the details are below!

DIY Westley Kids Halloween Costume

T, my 7 year old, took on the role of Westley. He initially wanted to be Inigo, but K had already claimed that one, so he agreed to be Westley (who is also an excellent sword fighter – his main criteria ;)). He really didn’t want any makeup on his face so we skipped the mustache.

Top: Black long-sleeved shirt
Pants: Black leggings or base layers
Bandana & eye mask: Black jersey knit fabric from Joanns cut out and tied
Boot covers: from an old pirate costume

DIY Inigo Montoya Kids Halloween Costume

K, my 10 year old, is the one who’s been pulling for a Princess Bride family Halloween theme for over a year. Several of the kids wanted to be Inigo, but we decided she got dibs since she wanted the theme the most. She very much did NOT want to be Buttercup since, according to her, Buttercup is lame and just waits around for Westley to come save her (can’t say I disagree). So Inigo it was! And I love her for it.

I also used a brow pencil to draw a mustache for her.

Cream top: blouse from old pirate Halloween costume
Brown pants: Brown leggings
Brown vest: Brown jersey knit fabric from Joanns cut out and sewn along the sides
Boot covers: from old pirate Halloween costume
Sword: handmade with cardboard + aluminum foil

R.O.U.S Kids Halloween Costume

Surprisingly, all the R.O.U.S. costumes I was finding were wildly expensive and would take too long to arrive for our church Halloween party. So I found this darling toddler wolf costume that looked very much like a Rodent of Unusual Size kids costume. So we went with that!

Uniqlo used to have their great HeatTech base layers in gray so I stuck our set underneath, but I’m sure you could easily find another set of gray leggings and a long-sleeved shirt.

Shrieking Eel Princess Bride Costume

The kids had the terrific idea of making baby S into a shrieking eel (from before they climbed the Cliffs of Insanity). We considered making her Buttercup instead, but somehow shrieking eel felt way funnier, especially for a newborn. (Plus, Buttercup really is sort of lame, as discussed previously, haha.)

Eel costumes are hard to come by, but since the ones in the movie have sharp teeth, this shark onesie worked perfectly for baby S.

Prince Humperdinck Halloween Costume

Our oldest decided he’d be Prince Humperdinck! We had several components of this around our house already, which made it pretty easy to pull together.

Red cape: Amazon
Red tunic: Red knit velvet fabric purchased from Joann’s (I didn’t even sew the sides of this one since my machine wasn’t working properly – he just used the belt to hold it in place so it was super easy)
Belt: old
Sword: homemade with cardboard & paint
Crown: old, similar to this

Count Rugen Halloween Costume (6-Fingered Man)

We convinced out 5 year old, who also wanted to be a great sword fighter, to be the 6-fingered man! In addition to the components for that costume, I also drew his beard/goatee on with a brow pencil.

Pants: Black base layers
Top: Yellow long-sleeved shirt of his sister’s (so it would be longer like a tunic, similar to this)
Vest: Gray knit fabric from Joann’s
Belt: from an old pirate costume
Boot covers: from an old pirate costume
Sword: handmade
Gloves: Old with an extra finger attached with black duct tape

Miracle Max Halloween Costume

Dan and I chose Miracle Max & Valerie Halloween costumes – this was so fun!! I’m of the opinion that they’re a way better couple than Westley & Buttercup (or at least way more fun to dress up as). šŸ˜‰ I used the same brow pencil and some eyeshadow to do some old makeup on him, as well.

Hair: Wig (plus he cut the mustache in two to use as eyebrows)
Cape: Found here

We would’ve liked some sort of cap like this but it we were doing this pretty last minute and it wasn’t going to arrive in time!

Valerie Princess Bride Halloween Costume

Finally, I got to be Valerie! I repeated the line, “I’m not a witch, I’m you’re wife!” about 100 times. šŸ˜‰ I also did old lady makeup on myself!

Hair: Wig
Shawl: old, but similar to this
Brown dress

That’s it! This was such a fun theme to put together and was relatively fast – just what we needed with a newborn and lots of other family stuff going on. I hope it’s helpful if you choose to do Princess Bride Halloween costumes!



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