20+ Thoughtful Last Minute Gift Ideas for Kids and Families

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I always smile when I see last minute gift ideas being shared several weeks before Christmas. Like, I aspire to be so prepared that early December is a “last minute” gift, but that’s almost never the case.

Three days before Christmas? THAT is a last minute Christmas gift.

Here are 10 fantastic last minute gifts that are thoughtful, interesting, and don’t feel like you procrastinated in your gift giving. They’re all gifts I’d love to give or receive!

last minute gift ideas

This post about last minute gift ideas for kids and families contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price.

20+ Thoughtful Last Minute Gift Ideas for Kids and Families

Online Art Class for Kids or Adults

This online kids watercolor class is probably what I’m MOST excited to give my kids this year. It’s going to be the perfect at-home creative outlet. It’s inexplicably still on sale for $20.30 with the code THANKS30. That’s just over $20 to watch it as many times as you want, for as many kids as you want. Best $20 gift for ALL my kids.

This inexpensive but super highly rated watercolor paint palettes also looks like it will still arrive on time to many addresses!

There are a number of other classes for older kids or adults, and the 30% off THANKS30 code works for any of them:

Strings For Kids Course

I might be a little biased since I created the course, but I think this introductory violin or cello course would be an amazing gift for any child. It’s the perfect way to help kids master the fundamentals, and it’s a gift you can buy on Christmas Eve and still look very thoughtful and intentional.

It’s currently on sale with an introductory price that’s the lowest it will ever go!

BlendBee Custom Tea or Monthly Tea Club

I recently found out about BlendBee, which is a small, woman-owned tea company. Teas are made in small premade or custom batches. You can create your own blend, or sign up for the monthly tea club. You could also do a gift certificate for your recipient to create their own custom tea!

And this isn’t just for grown ups – my kids love herbal tea and will be so excited to get their own custom blend!

Storyworth Subscription

This subscription is what we’re giving our parents this year, and it’s one of my favorite meaningful last minute gift ideas. It’s a program that emails recipients weekly question prompts to write down their life story, and then compiles everything into a book for you. It’s a wonderful and simple way to record those beautiful memoirs without feeling like an enormous and overwhelming undertaking.

Little Passports Subscription Box

We recently tried out these super fun Little Passports globally-focused subscription activity boxes, and they are SO fun. They’re currently offering free overnight shipping for subscriptions so you can still get your first box in time for Christmas, or you can print out a darling little tag to gift. They also have an Early Explorers preschool box and a super fun science box!

Audible Gift Membership

Give the gift of audiobooks! We love Audible for its giant selection, and it’s easy to give a gift membership that includes credits for audiobooks to own, as well as a huge listening library.

Yoto Club Membership

Or if you have little listeners, a Yoto Club Membership might be even better. We’ve loved having a Yoto Club subscription over the last year and our kiddos have listened to tons of audiobooks on our player. And it’s great that they’re a bit cheaper through the club. We’re getting our almost-3 year old a Yoto Mini for Christmas, so I’m excited to get even more use out of the cards.

Family Films with Sam

What better gift than the gift of incredible family memories? I bought this course with my own money last year. Sam is amazing at teaching you exactly how to easily put together family films just with the footage you have on your phone. It’s a gem for creating little travel videos!

You could purchase the course and easily put together a video all before Christmas morning. How fun would it be to play for everyone during present opening? You can use the code PREETHI to get $5 off!

Photo Book Gift Certificate

I’ve loved Mixbook for years for our holiday cards, and their photo books are just as good. This year, I made a photo book for Dan from our 4th year of marriage, and I’m going to give him a gift certificate for one from this past year that I’ll make in January. It’ll be the perfect activity when things are a bit slow in the new year (especially while staying home more) that I can make while the most recent year is still fresh in my memory.

BitsBox Digital Coding Subscription

We’ve been so excited to get our BitsBox coding box and start playing around with it. Lucky for anyone who is still trying to find the perfect gift, they also have a digital coding subscription that you can purchase right at the last moment.

Kids Art Spot

This is an amazing online art club for kids & families. They have programs like the Little Kids Arts & Crafts WorkshopArt Camp, and After-School Art Activities.

Revolution Math

This at-home supplemental math instruction program is so fun for kids. It’s story-based, so builds literacy, as well, and also just makes it so enjoyable. The classes are small (max of 4 kids) and the instructors are fantastic.

Raddish Kids Monthly Cooking Club Box

We love these monthly cooking club boxes and they’re so good at not only having fun activities, but also teaching kids skills. They’d make an amazing last minute Christmas gift! Plus, a portion of their proceeds go to support World Central Kitchen.

Piccolina Gift Card

Not every gift card feels exciting – it’s easy for them to feel like an afterthought. But a gift card to Piccolina would be so fun for kids so they can pick out their very own Trailblazer tee! You can give them the gift of learning about a few amazing women (a perfect Christmas afternoon activity!), and then they can decide which they’d like to display on their clothing. You could even give them a “coupon” to choose a matching book and shirt!

I really love supporting small, women-owned businesses, and this is a fantastic one. You can use the code PREETHI20 for 20% off.

Wildgrain Box

We ordered our first Wildgrain box a couple months ago when we had a newborn and my dad had just passed away. And it was SO nice to have some items in the freezer that were easy to bake and provide our family with warm, fresh food. Admittedly, I haven’t loved the biscuits and croissants, but I’ve LOVED the breads. They’re so so good and come perfectly out of the oven. A box would be a wonderful gift for a friend or family member with a new baby or going through a challenging time.

Universal Yums Subscription Box

This is another box I’ve wanted to try out for a while. It’s a monthly snack box with items from different countries – it sounds so dang fun. It also has a booklet to learn about the place! This would make such a fun gift for a family.

Science Experiment Kit

There are a number of science kits that will still arrive in time before Christmas. You could also order online and pick up in store. Here are a few:

Here are tons of other of our favorite STEM toys!

Tubby Todd Gift Certificate

If you’ve been here a while, you know just how much I love Tubby Todd’s gentle and clean bath products for the whole family. You can give a gift certificate and let the recipient pick out their own scent!

Roller Skates

My daughter absolutely loves to roller skate, and these are easy to grab at the last minute. Either have them delivered same-day, or buy online and pick up in store! Don’t forget a helmet to go along with it.

Annie’s Craft Kit Subscription

I got one of these craft kits for each of my older kids for Christmas (the woodworking and Creative Girls ones). I’m amazed at how well put together they are!! You can use the code SHARE75 to get 75% off – a CRAZY deal. Print out a picture to gift and your kiddo will be SO excited when it shows up during the post-holiday winter doldrums!

There are tons of subscriptions for adults, too, like this crochet kit or this beading one.

KiwiCo Box

You guys know I’ve talked many times about how amazing the KiwiCo STEM subscription boxes are. They’d make a wonderful gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. The code MERRY will get you 4 months free!

Board or Card Game

These are perfect to buy online and pick up in store since they’re often in stock. Here are tons of board game ideas, and here are some of our favorite ones that are currently in stock!

Experience Gift Certificates

Give a homemade or printed out gift certificate to almost anything on this experience gifts list for kids. And there are lots more ideas in this list of outdoor experience gifts for kids and couples. What could be better than the gift of time together? Here are some tips for gifting an experience gift and making it exciting.

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