Black Friday 2020 Deals I Actually Care About

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I’m not a big shopper, and Black Friday tends to stress me out rather than help. But there are a few amazing things that are on super sale for Black Friday 2020 that genuinely make our family life better. I’m sharing them in hopes that they’re helpful for you, too!


Strings For Kids Introductory Violin or Cello Class

This is my new business that just launched today! I’m so excited to help young children get a great start on the violin or cello and overcome obstacles of too-long and expensive lessons. It’s a convenient and affordable 20-lesson course that would be a wonderful experience gift for a child! You could even pair it with an inexpensive violin to gift.


Simply On Purpose Parenting Courses

These parenting courses are absolutely the best I’ve ever done. Ralphie is amazing and relatable and has actual, concrete tips for improving family life. Her courses almost never go on sale, and this is the biggest one she’s ever done.

The audio course is $50 off, and the bundle with the recorded coaching calls is a whopping $200 off.


Watercolor Class for Kids

This watercolor class is the number one thing I’m most excited to give my kids this Christmas. And with the code THANKS30, it’s on sale for just $20.30!! You can use it as many times as you’d like for your whole household, so it’s a screaming deal.

She also has several other classes – a simplified adult watercolor class, simplified penmanship, simplified photos, and simplified graphic design. I kind of want to take them all!

And this watercolor palette that has nearly 4,000 5-star reviews is on sale for under $19! I just bought 3 for my 3 older kids.


Kids Subscription Boxes

Kiwi Co is having a big sale on not just their subscriptions, but on individual boxes! And if you haven’t signed up for Rakuten yet (and if you haven’t, why not??), you can get $40 cash back to make a 6-month subscription a screaming deal.

Raddish Kids cooking boxes are also having a big Black Friday sale!


Tubby Todd Bath Products

I love doing useful and consumable things for gifts and stockings, and Tubby Todd is my very favorite for kids. They’re perfect for even sensitive newborn skin, clean so well, and smell amazing. They even have holiday scents!


Educational Activity Books 

You know how much we love these paint by sticker books, and lots are on sale, like this Zoo Animals one for younger kids, or this Masterpieces one for slightly older kids. They’re also included in the 3 books for the price of 2 sale – here are some of my favorites! There are also tons of other educational activity books from this list on sale!

It’s also a great time to pick up diversify your picture books!


Revolution Math

My kids LOVE this online math program. We stopped all our classes and subscriptions when we started RVing, and this is one of the few that the kids have been begging to restart. They had removed their one month trial for $1 option, but brought it back for the holidays so hurry and sign up!


Car Battery Power Bank/Jump Start + Tire Inflator

I’ve mentioned before how we love having this car power bank in the RV or car in case of emergencies (and have used it a couple times and been so relieved). Such a practical, useful thing to have around. It’s currently 39% off!

The tire inflator/compressor is also SO useful – we’ve used it on our RV with a flat tire, keep it in the minivan normally, and have used it for bikes. So so helpful. Currently 51% off so run!!


Allbirds Wool Sneakers

We’ve owned the men’s, women’s, and kid’s versions of these and they’re all fantastic. And this is SO neat – instead of lowering prices on Black Friday, Allbirds is actually raising them by $1 and donating it to the planet. Go support them!


Bravery Magazine

I love this kids magazine featuring amazing women so so much. They’re having their biggest sale of the year so it’s a great time to purchase!


Soda Stream

Dan is super into fizzy water, so he was beyond thrilled when this was his company gift this year. He’s been obsessed with it since opening the box. It’s currently 41% off!


Ecco Shoes

I’ve written before how these are my FAVORITE travel shoes for both women and men. They’re insanely comfortable (and every one of you who has bought them thinks so, too). They’re currently 37% off so RUN to grab them before they go out of stock.


Mighty Kind Kids Magazine

I love this magazine focused on global education and anti-bias/anti-racism education for kids. They don’t often go on sale so check them out!

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