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We recently moved our 4 older kids all into one bedroom and needed to figure out a good sleep solution. We knew we wanted to make sure we created a clean, peaceful space to help our kids sleep their best, both in terms of function and design. We decided to design a triple bunk kids bedroom, with our favorite bunk bed bedding, highlighted with clean and gender neutral room decor.

I for sure sleep better in clean, peaceful spaces – studies show that seeing clutter before bed can spark anxiety and stress and negatively impact sleep. Personally, I know that a clean, organized room definitely improves my mood and helps me feel refreshed.

If anything, sleep is even more important for kids so we decided to partner with Sleep.com to create a similarly tidy atmosphere for their room, as well. Their Spring Clean Your Sleep initiative was really helpful in creating a space that was easy for the kids to maintain and clean themselves to promote better sleep. Keep reading to see how we updated the room to create a space that is functional, cute, and restful!

triple bunk kids bedroom

Figuring Out The Shared Kids Room Configuration

Our current home has 4 smallish bedrooms. We use one as a guest room/office, and the grown ups have one room, so the kids are split across 2 bedrooms. Up until a few months ago, we had the baby in our room, our just-turned-3 year old in the nursery, and our 6, 8, and 10 year olds in a room together with a bunk bed and toddler bed.

It was about time to move the baby out of our room, so we played with a few different combinations for how to set up the kids’ bedrooms. We offered the office to one of the older kids, but no one wanted their own room. So we planned to keep the three big kids in their room, and put the 3 year old and baby in the nursery. In the end, we ended up with FOUR kids sleeping in a room – keep reading to see how and why. I quickly realized I needed some shared small room ideas!

triple bunk room for kids

Trundle Bed Vs. Triple Bunk Bed

Our kiddo who had just turned 6 had long since outgrown the toddler bed, and we planned to move it into the nursery for our 3 year old. So we needed to figure out a new bed set up in the big kids’ room.

We considered a few different options:

Our kids’ room isn’t that big, and we couldn’t find any single beds narrow enough to fit on the side of the double bunk. (The toddler bed just barely fit). So we gave away our old double bunk bed to some friends (we’d used it for well over 3 years). After that, we waffled between purchasing a double bunk with a pull out trundle bed or a triple bunk bed.

baby fox nursery

Why We Got A Triple Bunk

The double bunk with trundle would give a bit more head space. But we decided it would be annoying to pull out a trundle each night with the bedding potentially getting caught. It also seemed tricky for the kid on the bottom bunk to climb over the trundle to go to the bathroom.

So we decided to go with triple bunk beds. I did float the idea of a triple bunk bed with stairs, but it just would not have fit in our space. I also really liked the idea of an L shaped triple bunk bed. This one actually has 4 single beds and would be a longer-term solution for us, but we just could not fit it in our space.

It actually proved fairly difficult to find a simple, well-reviewed, not astronomically priced 3 bed bunk bed. Still, we’ve been really happy with the triple bunk bed for kids we chose. It’s sturdy and well made. I really like the option of a lofted 3rd bunk in case we ever want to use it as a single bed. And the amount of headspace is plenty since the bottom bunk lays on the floor.

In the end, our 3 year old decided he wanted to be in the big kid room, as well. The toddler bed still fit perfectly where it was beforehand. So we decided to just leave it there and let the baby have the nursery all to herself.

kids bedroom with bunk beds

Triple Bunk Bedding

One of my biggest hesitations with a triple bunk room was that it would be even more annoying to make the beds. Once we settled on our triple bunk bed plans, we thought about bedding. The kids tried just folding their duvets at the foot of the bed but it always felt messy and cluttered. I definitely wanted to keep the clutter under control for better sleep, so we finally decided to give Beddy’s zip up bedding a try. So I started looking through their options for boy and girl shared bedroom ideas with bunk beds.

I hadn’t purchased them before because I wasn’t sure if it would really make that big of a difference. I didn’t know if it would be worth the added cost. Turns out the bedding makes an ENORMOUS difference and is 100% worth the cost.

The whole Beddys bedding goes on like a fitted sheet, and the top blanket part unzips to get in like a sleeping bag. Then in the morning, the kids can just make their beds by zipping up the sides and it looks completely neat and tidy. It’s a dream!! Side note: did you know you’re supposed to wash your bedding once a week? With kiddos actively exploring outside everyday, it’s important to give their bedding a quick spin every week to reduce bacteria and allergen buildup. Always follow the guidelines from the bedding manufacturer, but here’s another handy schedule that should keep you on track and extend the lifespan of all your bedding.

You can use the code PASSPORT to get 20% off of Beddy’s!

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Other Room Refreshes in Our Triple Bunk Room

In addition to the triple bunk and the zip up bedding, we decided to do a few other room updates for our triple bunk kids room, as well. We’d never taken much time to decorate, so we decided to add some personality to the room. I wanted something that would feel fun and clean for a shared bedroom for boy and girl.

How To Organize A Shared Kids Bedroom

We also added some organizational features that were missing to our kids bedroom with bunk beds. We redid the closets in our home last year, so we already had a good bit of storage there. The Container Store closet solutions work perfectly in most of our closets, but the Ikea ones fit better here. I slightly prefer the Container Store closets, but really love them both.

Our kids had accumulated some knick knacks that were previously piled on top of the dresser. We installed a few floating display shelves for them to contain everything. Additionally, we added a narrow shelf at the head of each bunk for a nightstand for a water bottle, book and book light, etc. Finally, we put up a picture book wall to replace the old wobbly bookshelf. And I LOVE the cute rug we laid on the floor, which is another thing that works well with boy girl shared room ideas.

How Do We Like The Triple Bunk Bedroom Design?

We absolutely LOVE how the room turned out. It’s functional and cute, without being overly decorated or busy, and the gender neutral room ideas came together just as I’d hoped. With four kids in a room, we wanted it to feel restful and minimal. I think we accomplished that. If you’re wondering, “Should I get a triple bunk bed,” we’ve been very pleased with how it has worked in our space. I hope these triple bunk bed ideas are helpful to you, too!

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